Ceci Ruffa Wikipedia

Following her appearance in Bendita, Ceci Ruffa has come to the spotlight. Many are keen to learn about Ruffa and her life. Thus, here is Ceci Ruffa Wikipedia.

Ceci Ruffa – whose full name is Cecilia Ruffa – is a renowned journalist, newscaster, and television presenter from Argentina.

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She started as a newscaster and developed professionally, dabbling as a presenter and panelist.

Ruffa served as a panelist for Bendita for a day on 22 May 2023. The well-known journalist came to the talk show panel to give her opinion on all the topics of the day.

Bendita is an Argentine talk show broadcasted by The Nine and hosted by Beto Casella. Journalist Lola Cordero has been a regular panelist on the 2013 Tato Awards winning show.

Casella and the funniest panel on TV discuss current events with sarcasm and comedy in the best and most comprehensive reports. Monday through Friday, 8:30 pm by The Nine.

Let’s unpack all details about Cecilia Ruffa’s personal and professional life.

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Ceci Ruffa Wikipedia And Edad: Journalist Trabajos (Work) And Fotos (Photo)

Journalist, newsreader, and television personality Ceci Ruffa.

The stunning woman was raised by her family in her hometown and was born in Argentina. In her bio on social mediaRuffa identifies as question-asker.

Ceci Ruffa Wikipedia
Ceci Ruffa came to the spotlight following her appearance on Bendita as a panelist. (Image Source: Twitter)

Cecilia’s precise date of birth is yet to be disclosed. However, looking at her picture, we assume the Public TV official is in her early forties.

Ceci, who has an extensive career in the broadcast journalism field, started her career as a newscaster before developing into a panelist and presenter.

She joined the famous magazine Informal Mornings, which Jorge Guinzburg then hosted in El Trece. It became a turning point in the journalist’s career, garnering insane fame.

Later, Ruffa became a member of the panel for the American Breakfast program, which also included Pamela David for America. She currently works for Public TV and is a producer of Pakapaka.

Ceci Ruffa Lost Her Husband In 2020

Ceci Ruffa went through the most painful experience when she lost her husband, Emiliano Fernandes Delgado, on 13 November 2020.

Emiliano Fernandes Delgado – who was known by his nickname Emi or Piru – reportedly suffered a heart ****** in October 2020. The journalist’s husband passed away in the hospital.

He was getting treatment and appeared to be doing well. The ***** of Ruffa’s spouse sent a shockwave to their family and friends.

The lovebirds exchanged their marriage vow in March 2014. Their daughter was already three years old at the time.

Ceci Ruffa wikipedia
Ceci Ruffa’s husband died in November 2020 in a hospital. (Image Source: Instagram)

Emiliano Fernandes Delgado, who was a driver by profession, was only 44 years old at the time of his demise.

Ruffa and Emi had been married for several years. The married duo was blessed with an adorable daughter, AsunciĆ³n. The little girl is 14 years old as of 2024.

AsunciĆ³n – the only child of Ruffa – said goodbye to her father in his cemetery, maintaining the safety guidelines to prevent the coronavirus from spreading.

Emiliano was a doting father and loving spouse. His social media posts always reflected his love for his family. Emi’s one Instagram post, which was dedicated to Ruffa, reads, “Thank you for always being my great companion.”

Although the journalist’s time with her husband was cut short, the pair must have had a wonderful time while they were together.

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