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Is Cecilia Vega pregnant? As the news of Vega starting her new CBS-based gig, “60 Minutes,” is trending, netizens are curious about her.

Cecilia Marcellina Vega, an American journalist and news correspondent, began her career at KGO-TV, a local news affiliate in San Francisco.

In 2010, she received an Emmy award for her work there. The following year, she transitioned to ABC News, initially serving as a correspondent based in Los Angeles.

Having previously served as the chief White House correspondent for ABC News, Vega expresses her enthusiasm for delving into various narratives beyond politics.

She highlights the strength of the storytellers on “60 Minutes” and their ability to infuse their personal experiences into their work.

Vega shares, “What sets every storyteller apart on ’60 Minutes’ is that they bring a piece of themselves into their work.”

As a Latina and Mexican American, she looks forward to showcasing those aspects of her background and incorporating them into her storytelling.

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Is ABC Cecilia Vega Pregnant Again In 2023?

Despite several rumors, ABC journalist Cecilia Vega is not pregnant.

In an interview with Axios Latino, journalist Cecilia Vega expresses her happiness to start the new show. Her debut segment was broadcasted this Sunday.

The journalist desired her role as a correspondent on CBS’ “60 Minutes” to create more opportunities for journalists of color.

Expressing her excitement, Vega remarked, “I’m currently in the pinch-me phase. It’s unbelievable that I can work here and consider this place my home now.”

Cecilia Vega has recently started her new CBS-based gig, “60 Minutes”
Cecilia Vega has recently started her new CBS-based gig, “60 Minutes” (Source: ABC News)

Providing background, Vega recently made history in January as the first Latina correspondent for one of the most-watched news programs in the United States.

“I’m extremely proud to be the first Latina… but more significant than being the first is ensuring that you’re not the last.”

In her inaugural piece for 60 Minutes, correspondent Cecilia Vega covered the plight of sperm whales, a vulnerable population.

The segment focused on efforts to safeguard sperm whales against environmental and noise pollution.

Furthermore, it was also an initiative to establish a marine reserve in Dominica, a Caribbean nation.

Vega shares that she fully immersed herself in the reporting, tackling the challenges head-on and even learning to snorkel.

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Cecilia Vega: Husband Ricardo Jimenez

Cecilia Vega is wedded to Ricardo Jiménez, a former officer of the California Highway Patrol (CHP). Nevertheless, the news of them being a parent has not been disclosed.

Ricardo and Cecilia tied the knot in 2008, and Ricardo Jiménez served with the CHP for 25 years before retiring on September 23, 2020.

Throughout his career, Officer Ricardo received recognition for his exceptional service and was honored with the CHP’s Distinguished Achievement Award.

This accolade was bestowed upon him to acknowledge his heroic actions in preventing a suicidal individual from jumping off the Bay Bridge.

Ricardo’s wife, Cecilia Vega, uplifts fellow journalists of color and encourages others to do the same.

Embarking on her first project, Vega journeyed to Dominica, where she focused her reporting on sperm whales, one of the largest marine mammals in the ocean.

Ricardo Jiménez and Cecilia Vega married in 2008
Ricardo Jiménez and Cecilia Vega married in 2008 (Source: SFGATE)

Per the International Union for Conservation of Nature, a nonprofit organization, sperm whales are classified as a “vulnerable” species.

Sperm whales produce infrequently, with a reproductive cycle of five to seven years, and have witnessed a significant population decline.

These whales face various threats, such as noise pollution, plastic consumption, and ship collisions.

To cover the story, Vega engaged in snorkeling alongside National Geographic Explorer Enric Sala.

Sala is collaborating with the Dominican government to establish a sanctuary to safeguard the whales from harm.

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