Cedric Lodge Wife

Cedric Lodge’s wife, Denise Lodge, has been implicated in the alleged trafficking of human body parts alongside her husband.

In a shocking and disturbing case, Cedric Lodge, the former Harvard Medical School morgue manager, and his wife, Denise Lodge, have been accused of trafficking human body parts. 

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The couple was indicted for allegedly stealing human remains from the school’s mortuary and selling them, including heads, brains, skin, and bones. 

As the investigation unfolds, more details about Denise Lodge are coming to light, raising questions about her involvement in these heinous activities. 

This article delves into the background of Denise Lodge, providing information about her personal and professional life, her age and other relevant details.

Cedric Lodge Wife: Who Is Denise Lodge?

Denise Lodge is the wife of Cedric Lodge, the former morgue manager at Harvard Medical School who has been implicated in the illicit trade of human body parts. 

Upon exiting the federal courthouse in Concord, New Hampshire, on Wednesday, Denise Lodge can be seen concealing her face. (Source: thesun.com)

Following their marriage, the couple settled in Goffstown, New Hampshire. Cedric had an extensive tenure of 27 years at HMS before his termination due to allegations of organ theft.

While the media coverage has predominantly focused on Cedric Lodge and his involvement in the case, information regarding Denise Lodge has been relatively scarce. 

However, recent reports have shed some light on her background. It has been revealed that Denise previously held a position as a data analyst within the New Hampshire state government. 

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Specifically, she worked at the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services. According to a spokeswoman, Denise’s employment with the state concluded in September 2014.

Denise Lodge Wikipedia Details Explored

Due to the ongoing nature of the case and the limited public information available about Denise Lodge, it is not surprising that there is no dedicated Wikipedia page about her. 

Denise selfie
Denise Lodge can be observed in a selfie where she is posing while wearing a hood that bears a resemblance to the well-known depiction of a witch. (Source: thesun.com)

The focus of attention has understandably been on the criminal proceedings and the charges against Cedric Lodge and his alleged co-conspirators.

It is important to note that Wikipedia pages are typically created and updated by volunteers and rely on reliable and verifiable sources of information. 

Since the case involving Denise Lodge is still unfolding, and the details are subject to investigation, there is likely insufficient information for creating a comprehensive Wikipedia entry.

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As the case progresses and more information becomes available, additional details about Denise Lodge’s background may emerge. Until then, it is advisable to rely on credible news sources for the most up-to-date information on the case.

Denise Lodge Age: How Old Is She?

Denise Lodge’s age is 64 years old, while her husband, Cedric Lodge, is 56. This age difference between them amounts to an age gap of eight years.

Age is a significant aspect of an individual’s profile, but it is just one aspect that contributes to understanding their background and life experiences.

In the case of Denise Lodge, her age becomes a relevant factor when considering her alleged involvement in the trafficking of human body parts, as it provides a timeframe for her activities and potential motivations.

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While the investigation and legal proceedings continue, more information may emerge, including additional details about Denise Lodge’s age or other pertinent life aspects. 

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