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Fans are interested in learning more about CeeDee Lamb Wife as he plays wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys in the National Football League.

In 2019, Lamb was a unanimous All-American while playing college football at Oklahoma, and the Cowboys selected him in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

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Lamb received offers from universities like the University of Alabama and the University of Texas and was rated as a 4-star recruit by 247Sports.com, Rivals.com, and ESPN. 

CeeDee Lamb Wife: Is He married To Crymson Rose?

No, CeeDee Lamb is not married to Crymson Rose, as the couple has not said anything regarding the matter.

However, the couple has been dating for some time now, so that we might hear the good news shortly.

CeeDee Lamb with his girlfriend Crymson Rose
CeeDee Lamb with his girlfriend Crymson Rose. (Source: WFoot)

The couple met while they were both students at the University together. Crymson has dated other famous athletes besides CeeDee, though.

She had a relationship with Atlanta Hawks basketball star Trae Young. From 2017 to 2018, Trae studied at the University of Oklahoma. Crymson is a Christian and a religious person.

She underwent baptism at a nearby church in 2018. Her Instagram bio includes a verse from the Bible. However, she is a very private person. Therefore only a little information about her is available online.

But unlike the bodies of most models today, it seems like her stunning body, of which there are numerous photos on her Instagram, is entirely natural.

CeeDee Lamb Family: Meet His Parents

Cliff Lamb is CeeDee Lamb’s Father. Only a few nuggets of information about Cliff indicate that he is an American citizen.

The two children’s Father spent a significant amount of time in Opelousas, Louisiana, where he also gave birth to both.

He is most known as the Father of National Football League wide receiver CeeDee Lamb, who has played for the Dallas Cowboys since being selected in the draft. Cliff’s professional achievements have never been acknowledged, although he put a lot of effort into helping his wife, Leta, and their children.

The mother of CeeDee Lamb goes by the name of Ramirez Leta. Ramirez Leta, like her husband Cliff Lamb, is an American citizen, but according to some accounts, she is Hispanic in ethnicity.

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From what is evident, CeeDee Lamb’s parents are not the kind who would typically stake a claim to a portion of their child’s fame to garner some attention from the public.

The two, however, appear to prefer leading tranquil lives away from the prying eyes of the media and the general public.

Even though Leta doesn’t like to draw attention to herself, word has it that she is a good mother, especially to her son CeeDee Lamb.

CeeDee Lamb Net Worth 2024

CeeDee seems a little secretive regarding his personal information, like his net worth, as the athlete has yet to reveal his exact net worth to his fans.

However, according to Marca, CeeDee’s net worth is estimated to be over $21 million as of 2024.

When the Cowboys selected Lamb in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft, they gave him a remarkable four-year deal for $14 million over four years, including a $7.7 million signing bonus.

CeeDee Lamb
CeeDee Lamb living his best life. (Source: Instagram)

Lamb’s base salary will increase to $1,883,637 in 2022 from his current contract’s average yearly salary of $3,502,503. He will also bear a $3,820,912 cap hit and an $8,278,643 dead cap value.

In demand as a rising talent, Lamb is presently an endorser for Visa, Chime, Vertiball, Lowes, Panini America, and Pizza Hut. He has also signed an endorsement agreement with Nike.

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