Chandan Ram Dass

Many are looking for Chandan Ram Dass’s cause online as news of the politician’s demise is followed by tributes and condolences circulating on social media platforms.

Chandan Ram Dass is a renowned Bageshwar-based MLA (member of the legislative assembly) who oversaw social welfare and transportation.

The state’s Bageshwar district hospital said that Minister Chandan Ram Dass of Uttarakhand passed away on Wednesday.

The administration has designated three days of mourning. The 65-year-old’s condition quickly worsened, and he was sent to the district hospital’s intensive care unit.

The politician’s death was mourned, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi also expressed his sorrow.

Om Shanti also mentioned the death of Shri Chandan Ram Dass Ji pained him. The demised MLA diligently served the people and made a notable contribution to the development of Uttarakhand.

Politicians and people are sending condolences to his family and friends. The chief minister, Pushkar Singh Singh, also expressed his condolences for the untimely passing of a cabinet member.

The administration also designated three days of mourning. The government directive said that state government offices in the district where the funeral would occur would be closed on the day of the burial.

Chandan Ram Dass Death Cause

A top source reported that Chandan Ram Dass death cause was a heart attack that took his life on Wednesday in Bageshwar.

According to Bageshwar’s Chief Medical Officer DP Joshi, the 65-year-old was taken to the district hospital today afternoon after complaining of suffocation in the chest.

As Chandan’s health worsened, he was sent to the ICU. He was not able to be saved despite the health official’s best efforts, the CMO added.

Later, the officials declared a heart attack as Chandan Ram Dass death cause. According to Joshi, the minister’s health prevented him from being transported in an air ambulance to another hospital.

Shakti Lal Shah, a BJP politician, too expressed sorrow over Dass’s departure and praised the cabinet minister for being nice and down to earth.

Chandan Ram Dass death cause
Chandan Ram Dass passed away on April 26, 2023, due to Cardiac arrest. (Source: TimesofIndia )

The minister continued by saying that Ram Dass’s passing was an irreparable loss for both public service and the political world.

Chandan Ram Dass death cause and his private life details are searched by netizens followed by his sudden demise.

The BJP politician served as Bageshwar’s representative in four successive legislatures starting in 2007, but in Pushkar Singh Dhami’s cabinet, he was appointed as a minister for the first time.

Ram Dass, a candidate from the Bageshwar Assembly seat, prevailed with a total of 32,211 votes in the 2022 elections.

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Chandan Ram Dass Obituary

Chandan Ram Dass’s obituary details are yet to be published on the internet. Maybe news portals are working on the minister’s obituary and will soon publish Dass’s obituary.

The Uttarakhand administration has decided to close all state offices to observe a day of mourning for the leader’s passing on Wednesday.

Chandan’s family also has not come to the media to speak regarding the passing away of the politician.

Dhami stated that he was shocked to learn the news of his senior colleague in my cabinet Chandan Ram Dass’s sudden death. Furthermore, Dhami added that politics and social services can never recover after his demise.

Chandan Ram Dass
Chandan Ram Dass was an Indian politician of the Bharatiya Janata Party. (Source: News9live)

Dass of the BJP defeated Balkrishan of the Indian National Congress (INC) by a margin of 14,567 votes in the 2017 Uttarakhand Assembly elections, which accounted for 21.59% of the total votes cast for the election.

In 2012, Ram Prasad Tamta of the INC lost to Dass once more, this time by a margin of 1,911 votes, or 3.18% of the total votes cast in the constituency.

Since 2017, the BJP leader has served as Bageshwar’s representative in four successive legislatures; nevertheless, it was only in Dhami’s cabinet that he was appointed a minister.

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