Chantel Jeffries Plastic Surgery

Chantel Jeffries Plastic Surgery: the social media star was candid about her experience with breast implant and reduction a few years ago. But did she get a nose and lips done?

Chantel Jeffries is a social media personality. She is also a Disc Jockey, record producer, model, and Actress.

She is also well known for her debut single Wait, which peaked at No.10 on the Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart. The Coronado native has accumulated a huge fan following with her content on various platforms.

Chantel has 4.8 million Instagram followers and 1.01 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. The chatter about Chantel Jeffries’s plastic surgery makeover. Fans claim that she got her nose and lip done as her nose became smaller and slimmer over the years.

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Chantel Jeffries Plastic Surgery Before And After: Did She Get A Nose And Lips Done

Many people speculate that the American DJ Chantel Jeffries underwent the knife to get her nose and lips done. However, the social media personality has not shared anything related to it.

Chantel Jeffries Plastic Surgery
Chantel Jeffries fans believe that she got her nose and lips done. (Image Source: Teen Vogue)

In 2017, the YouTube star opened up about her journey and experience with breast implants, reduction, and lift. In August 2017, the 30-year-old Instagram star shared a long video on her YouTube Channel.

At the start of the video, Jeffries remarked that she had always wanted to film the video for a while. While expressing her nervousness, the vlogger said her video might help people.

Chantel then disclosed her decision to get breast implants. She claimed the decision came because stress had led to weight fluctuation, profoundly affecting her shape of natural breasts.

Sometimes she weighed 130 lbs, and other times she was 100 lbs. With so much fluctuation in her body weight, her bra size ranged from a small D cup to a B cup.

In retrospect, Jeffries acknowledged that she knew very little about the procedure or her options -silicone vs. saline, low-profile vs. high-profile, etc. – when she decided to receive implants.

Regardless, she underwent the operation and told her doctor that she wanted to return to her pre-weight fluctuations in bra size.

Chantel Jeffries Breast Reduction Surgery

Over time Chantel Jeffries gained weight, and her breast tissues came back. As a result, her boobs went from being a 32D to DD, which she never wanted.

She said, “I’ve never wanted to look anything but like myself. They appeared fake, and I didn’t feel like myself.” After researching, the YouTube personality decided to get a reduction and lift. She underwent the procedure a week before she posted the video.

Chantel Jeffries Plastic Surgery
Chantel Jeffries got a breast reduction and life-after implants in 2017. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

The vlogger hoped that her video helped her view if anyone was considering breast implants or taking them out and getting a lift. She also said she was happy she did it and felt herself again.

“I feel a lot more natural and like myself again, which is wonderful,” said Chantel. As for whether she regrets getting implants in the first place, Jeffries said she did not but wished she did it right the first time.

She added, “I definitely would have still done it. “Just very, very modest, low-profile, and natural is how I would have gone. That way, I wouldn’t have needed a lift.”

The social media star claimed that the only surgery she has had is on her breasts, and she has promised to keep her followers informed while she recovers and heals.

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