Charles Cullen

Yes, Charles Cullen attempted suicide several times over the subsequent few years. He is currently in prison after being charged with eighteen consecutive life sentences.

The 62-year-old serial killer has been in various criminal acts from 1998 to 2003, resulting in one of the most alarming cases. Previously he worked as a nurse in multiple medical platforms across New Jersey and Pennsylvania when he performed his heinous crimes. 

Similarly, he is regarded as the Angel of Death after he has admitted to killing more than thirty people in his 16-year career. 

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Did Charles Cullen Attempt Suicide?

Charles Cullen had attempted suicide several times (more than twenty), starting from age nine, by trying to drink chemicals from a chemistry set. Even at seventeen, when his mother passed away, he was involved in the same activity. Likewise, he has survived multiple attempts to date. 

Charles Cullen
Charles Cullen: From Angel of Mercy to Prolific Serial Killer (Source- The Crime Wire)

After trying to commit suicide, he was admitted to the Navy psychiatric ward numerous times over the subsequent few years. Charles, however, got a medical discharge from the Navy in 1984 for undisclosed reasons.

Once, he also tried to kill himself when his colleagues used to bully him. Another time, he had vials of medicines at his disposal, leading to harm himself. His mental state was not in a proper condition, and he was not scared of killing others or himself. 

Once when he was detained, he then also attempted suicide. As he is serving his lifetime prison sentence, there is no news that he has tried to do such acts since he is under continuous observation. 

Charles Cullen Mental Health Update: He Was Diagnosed With Depression

Charles Cullen suffered from mental health problems and was diagnosed with depression in two psychiatric facilities. Due to such a condition, his actions of crime and attempting suicide were pushed.

His actions and characteristics slowly developed as he was constantly bullied, and his parents died when he was young. He even dropped out of high school and could not complete his education.

Charles Cullen
How Charles Cullen killed 29 patients in 16 years: The true story behind Netflix’s The Good Nurse (Source- Daily Bruin)

As his case worsened, no drastic changes could be observed even after being in the psychiatric ward several times. He continued his crimes without being fearless.

He did not receive the death penalty straight, which can be based on mental health grounds, even though he has killed more than thirty people.

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Killer Nurse Movie Is Based On Cullen

Yes, there is a movie direct-to-video, “Killer Nurse,” written and directed by Ulli Lommel, which was likely based on Cullen. There have been multiple attempts to portray him in various ways.

The documentary “Charles Cullen – Killing for Kindness” also aired on June 25, 2020, on television, showcasing his history of murder. UK True Crime producers Woodcut Mediastory produced this story.

Not only that, The movie 2020, “The Good Nurse,” adapted from a non-fiction book of Charles’s The Good Nurse: A True Story of Medicine, Madness, & Murder, was released on Netflix; This is also a work based on the serial killer, Charles.

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