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Charlie Dewulf is an emerging personality in the entertainment industry. Let us learn in detail about the up-and-coming filmmaker.

Charlie Dewulf is a director, screenwriter, and filmmaker behind movies such as Eefje DonkerblauwAmpersand, and Brak.

Their upcoming projects include feature films with the Flemish Audiovisual Fund: live-action-adventure Margo & The Maximarket and stop-motion fairytale Mitten & the Minimen.

In addition, Dewulf has VR experiences and a web series in development. Besides, they are the founder of MACKY, uniting and informing creatives with a heart for youth media.

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Charlie Dewulf Wikipedia Age And Family

Charlie Dewulf is a director, writer, and filmmaker known for movies like Eefje DonkerblauwAmpersand, and Brak.

The director is currently writing two feature films with the help of the Flemish Audiovisual Fund. It includes a live-action adventure, Margo & The Maximarket, and a stop-motion fairytale, Mitten & the Minimen.

Besides, they are the founder of MACKY, which aims to unite and inform creatives with a heart for youth media.

It encompasses individuals active in various media like film, theatre, television, books, games, digital, innovative & social media.

We are mentioning Dewulf as “they” because they are non-binary and prefer “they/them” pronouns. Likewise, they like using the gender-neutral title “Mx” instead of Mr, Miss, or Mrs.

Charlie Dewulf age
Meet Charlie Dewulf, a colorful appearance with a noble goal. (Source: Xkwadraat)

Their LinkedIn mentions that the young director is 26 years old.

Charlie sadly lost both their parents to suicide last year. Hence, self-care is their absolute priority to be able to process the loss properly.

However, further details about the Dewulf family are not mentioned anywhere. It is unclear if Charlie is an only child or has any siblings.

Likewise, her marital or relationship status is also inaccessible.

Regarding their hobby, Dewulf is crazy about Lindy Hop dances and colorful clothing.

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Charlie Dewulf Net Worth In 2023

Charlie Dewulf’s net worth is unavailable on the internet. Since Dewulf is an emerging director and writer, we expect them to do well financially.

As mentioned above, they are currently working on two feature films with the support of the Flemish Audiovisual Fund, including Margo & The Maximarket and Mitten & the Minimen.

Additionally, they have VR experiences and a web series in the making.

They also founded MACKY (Media & Audiovisual Creatives for Kids and Youth) in Gent Area, which unites creatives with a drive for youth media.

It aims to bring creative storytellers of different backgrounds together. They vary from writers and directors to cross-media storytellers and give the youth genre a firm voice within the industry.

Charlie Dewulf net worth
Charlie Dewulf during an interview. (Source: Radio 1)

They also have a Company called “Popping Bubbles,” named so due to their ambition to pop three types of bubbles: inequality, social bubbles, and ignorance.

Dewulf graduated with a Master’s in Audiovisual Arts – Directing at RITCS (Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema & Sound) in Brussels, Belgium, in 2016.

Their LinkedIn profile reads that they are a scriptwriter, director, and digital marketing producer at Potemkino.

As a director, Charlie wishes to faithfully portray the universe of young people with attention to mental health.

Before becoming a full-fledged filmmaker, Dewulf was involved in many internships. They interned at Lovo Films, Eyeworks Entertainment NV, Caviar, and Kanakna Productions, among others.

Dewulf worked as a director and screenwriter for several companies before landing the job at Potemkino, under which they have worked for the web series Brak and the feature film Marit & The Maximarket.

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