As of November, 2023, the famous actor Charlie Sheen has a reported net worth of $10 million.

Charlie Sheen is mostly famous for his comedy character Charlie Harper in one of the longest-running American Sitcom series Two and a Half Men.

He was born Carlos Estévez on September 3, 1965, to his father, Martin Sheen & mother, Janet Templeton.

The place of his birth is said to be New York.

Charlie is the youngest son of the family, & his two older brothers Emilio and Ramon, and his younger sister,  Renée, are all actors.

Charlie Sheen (Source:

The actor rose to fame in the late ’80s when he appeared in movies like Platoon (1986), Wall Street (1987) & Young Guns (1988).

Quick Facts

Net Worth $10 million
Residence Malibu, California
Religion Christian – Catholic
Age 58 Years Old
Nationality American
Ethnicity Galician Spanish (paternal grandfather), Irish, English, Scottish, possibly other
Education Santa Monica High School (expelled few weeks before graduation for poor grades & attendance)
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Father’s Name Martin Sheen (real name Ramón Estévez)
Mother’s Name Janet Templeton
Height 5 ft 10 inch (178 cm)
Weight 83 kg (183 lb)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Hair Length Short
Eye Color Dark Brown
Feet Size 10 (US size)
Sexual Orientation Straight
Tattoo Yes (at least 14 all over his body)
Siblings Emilio Estévez and Ramon Luis Estévez (older brothers); Renée Pilar Estévez (younger sister)
Donna Peele (m. 1995; div. 1996)​, Denise Richards (m. 2002; div. 2006)​, Brooke Mueller (m. 2008; div. 2011)
Ex-Girlfriends Brett Rossi, Georgia Jones, Natalie Kenly, Kacey Jordan, Brooke Mueller, Paula Spreet
Children Sam Sheen & Lola Rose Sheen (with Denise Richards), Bob Sheen & Max Sheen (with Brooke Mueller), Cassandra Jade Estevez (with high school girlfriend, Paula Spreet)
Nickname Charlie Sheen, The Warlock from Mars, The Machine, Good Time Charlie, Chuckles
Profession Actor
Movies Platoon (1986), Wall Street (1987) & Young Guns
TV appearances Sugar Hill, Friends, Two and a Half Men; full lists can be found here.
Active since 1973
Political Belief Republican
Social Media Instagram, Facebook, Youtube
Website Only Fanpages
Last Update November, 2023

Charlie Sheen Net Worth and Income

As of November, 2023, Charlie Sheen is worth $10 million.

How much he earns at present is unknown, but there was a time when he grabbed about $1.25 million per episode from the famous show Two and a Half Men.

Once billed to have a net worth of around $15o million, his over expenditure on prostitutes & parties caused him to lose all his hard-earned money.

The tax filing reported that he spent $410,000 per year for his personal chef, $130,000 on parties, $105,000 on hotels, & $135,000 on clothings.

Young Sheen in the 1986 classic hit, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (Source:

In 2013 alone, he spent $1,629,507 on prostitutes.

His potential downfall started when he had a spat with Chuck Lorre, the creator of the television show, Two and a Half Men.

Net Worth of Charlie Sheen in Different Currencies

Charlie Sheen’s net worth of $10 million can be converted to other foreign currencies as follows:

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 8,470,700
Pound Sterling £ 7,259,792
Australian Dollar A$ 13,508,040
Canadian Dollar C$ 12,609,400
Indian Rupee ₹ 746,105,000
BitCoin ฿ 315

Charlie Sheen Houses & Cars


Although Sheen, at present, lives in a modest apartment in Malibu, California, there was a time when he owned multiple real estates in the country.

He owned three different properties, all in the Sherman Oaks opulent Mulholland Estate community, Beverly Hills, California.

The first house he bought in 2006 for $7.495 million belonged to Hollywood producer Mike Medavoy.

The house was Mediterranean-style with 6 bedrooms & 8 bathrooms.

The mansion covered over 9020 square feet of living area.

Charlie Sheen’s Beverly Hills first house (Source:

In the same year, he bought a second home in the same neighborhood.

Charlie Sheen spent $6.9 million on the 6 bedrooms & 9 bathrooms house.

He later put the house on sale for $7.2 million.

Charlie Sheen’s second home in Beverly Hills (Source:

Charlie Sheen once again purchased a property in the Beverly Hills in 2012. 

The Spanish-style villa had 5 bedrooms & 6 bathrooms. He reportedly bought the house for $4.8 million.

Charlie Sheen’s Beverly Hills House Number Three (Source:

All three properties had a swimming pool, spa, gourmet kitchen, theater & many other attractions.

Apart from these three homes, Charlie also owned real estate in Encino, California & Malibu.


In his lifetime, Charlie Sheen has owned more than 10 cars.

Throughout his Two and a Half Men days, he earned up to $1.25 million per episode. So, buying & collecting the cars were never difficult for him.

A Mercedes-Benz CLS 320 has always been his favorite car. He even used to drive it to the set of Two and a Half Men

He was particularly fond of German cars as he owns two more Mercedes Benz, namely, Mercedes-Benz E-Class AMG Mercedes-Benz AMG SLK 320.

Charlie Sheen owns the Mercedes-Benz CLS 320 (Source:

All three cars have a powerful engine along with great aesthetics.

Apart from being attractive, all the cars are quite luxurious in terms of ride.

Moreover, he is also the proud owner of Porsche Carrera Turbo, Porsche 944, Porsche 911, & Porsche Cayenne.

Charlie also owns the famous Porsche 911 (Source: Wikipedia)

Not only Mercedes-Benz & Porsche, but Charlie also has a special place for his three other cars, Bentley Continental GT Coupe, Bentley Flying Spur, & Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Charlie Sheen Lifestyle and Vacation


Charlie Sheen’s lifestyle has raised the eyebrows of the public in various instances.

Although he is said to be living in his modest Malibu apartment now, there was a time when he had all the riches he could have ever imagined. And, a brilliant lifestyle as well.

Well, brilliant from Sheen’s perspective.

But, his bad-boy lifestyle had such a negative impact on his life.

He contracted HIV-AIDS, and in 2015 revealed his condition to the world audience.

Charlie Sheen with his daughter Lola (Source: Sheen’s official Instagram)

During his peak career, he cheated on his wife several times with other models and mainly porn stars.

As per the tax filing report of 2013, Charlie Sheen spent $1,629,507 alone on prostitute.

His overspending habit and spat with Chuck Lorre eventually cost him his career, resulting in the downfall of the highest-paid television actor who once had a net worth of $150 million.


Even though Charlie Sheen is the father of five children, most of his vacations are never family-friendly.

In 2013, he was seen posing with three topless female adult stars on a trip to Hawaii.

Many high-profile news agencies covered this particular incident at the time.

Similarly, in 2018, he posted a picture of himself with a python around his body from his trip to the Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park, Melbourne, Australia.

Charlie Sheen at Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park (Source: Charlie Sheen’s official Instagram)

Apart from these, Sheen has been to many places for his vacation, giving his bad-boy vibes and turning them into a scandalous trip.

Charlie Sheen Charity Works

As per Look to the stars, Charlie Sheen has supported not less than six charities & foundations.

Similarly, he seems to have supported over nine different causes.

Charlie Sheen made some donations to charity during his Violent Torpedo of Truth tour in spring 2011, including the Organization for Bipolar Affective Disorder and the Bryan Stow Fund.

Apart from them, Charlie has supported charities like:

Movies, TV appearances, & Endorsements


Charlie Sheen’s film career started in 1983, when he portrayed the character of Ron in Grizzly II: The Predatorthe sequel of the previous movie Grizzly released in 1976.

The 1983 movie was not released publicly until 2020.

In 1984, he appeared in the teen drama Red Dawnalongside  Patrick SwayzeC. Thomas HowellLea Thompson, and Jennifer Grey.

From then until the year 2000, he played various roles in different movies & dramas.

Some of his most notable movies of this particular time include Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986), Platoon (1986), Wall Street (1987),  Eight Men Out (1988),  Men at Work(1990).

Charlie Sheen appeared alongside his father in the 1987 movie Wall Street. (Source: Charlie Sheen’s official Instagram)

Sheen also played several comedy roles, including the Major League films, Money Talks, and the Hot Shots! films.

Apart from these, he also provided the voice of the character, Charlie, in the animated movie; All Dogs Go To Heaven 2.

Sheen last appeared in an ensemble film 9/11 (2017), which also featured  Whoopi GoldbergGina GershonLuis GuzmánWood HarrisJacqueline Bisset, & Bruce Davison.

TV appearances

Charlie Sheen did not appear in any movie role until 2000. He replaced Michael J Fox for the last two seasons of the television sitcom Spin City.

Sheen was nominated for two ALMA Awards and won his first Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy, for his role in the same series.

Charlie Sheen’s major breakthrough came in the form of the character, Charlie Harper in the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men.

He was cast in the series in 2003 & worked continuously in the series until the eighth season.

Charlie Sheen with the cast and crew of Two and a half men (Source: Charlie Sheen’s official Instagram)

For his role in the sitcom, he garnered an ALMA Award & got nominated for three Emmy Awards & two Golden Globe Awards.


Before his downfall in 2011, Charlie Sheen had endorsed several products.

In 2011, Sheen signed an endorsement contract with, which would see him earn $1 million per year.

Similarly, he also acted as the brand ambassador for the beverage named Just Chill, earning over $3 million per year.

Charlie Sheen Career

Charlie Sheen’s career started in 1983 when he appeared for the first time in the movie  Grizzly II: The Predatorwhich wasn’t released until 2020.

After that, he has appeared in dozens of movies & dramas as a lead actor or in supporting roles.

In 2000, Sheen replaced Michael J Fox for the last two seasons as Mike Flaherty in the popular American Sitcom, Spin City.

He then portrayed the famous Charlie Harper character in the next American Sitcom Two and a Half Men from 2003 up until its eighth season.

Charlie was cast out by the show creator, Chuck Lorre, when he asked for pay raise and allegedly assaulted Chuck.

This incident caused a huge negative impact on his career & once the highest-paid television actor with $150 million worth became quite bankrupt.

Sheen’s contract with the series was terminated by CBS & Warner Bros. on March 7, 2011.

After that, in the same year, he played a role in the hip-hop music video “Steak & Mash Potatoes” by Chain Swangaz featuring Brother Marquis.

Post-2011, Charlie Sheen is rarely seen in the movies & television shows, with the exception of just a few appearances in the interviews.

Facts about Charlie Sheen

  • Charlie Sheen has a 36-year-old daughter named Cassandra Jade Estevez, who was born from his relationship with his high school girlfriend, Paula Spreet.
  • Charlie Sheen accidentally shot John Travolta’s late wife, Kelly Preston, when the two were dating in the early ’90s.
  • Sheen publicly made a claim in late 2015 about how he had contracted HIV AIDS.


What is Charlie Sheen doing these days?

With the downfall of his career, Charlie is working on a new show which he hopes will make his audiences appreciate his work once more.

Who is Charlie Sheen dating in 2021?

As of 2021, Charlie Sheen is not in a relationship with anyone. Although, he has had at least 43 relationships in the past.

Can Charlie Sheen play the piano?

Although his character Charlie Harper plays the piano in the show, Two and a Half Men, in real life, Charlie Sheen does not know how to play the piano.

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