Charly Caruso Lesbian

People speculate that Charly Caruso is a lesbian. Who is the American sports broadcaster dating now? Let’s find out.

Charly Arnolt is a television personality and sports broadcaster for the multimedia platform OutKick.

She is well recognized for her work with WWE as a sportscaster and ring commentator from 2016 until 2021, where she went under the ring name Charly Caruso.

The popular television personality worked as a stand-in anchor and moderator for Molly Qerim and Stephen A. Smith on ESPN’s First Take.

Still, in April 2023, she left the network to work for Clay Travis’ sports, news, and politics platform OutKick.

The sports broadcaster became passionate about athletics as a child and participated in softball, volleyball, and gymnastics.

Arnolt wanted to be a gymnast and compete in the Olympics, but injuries prevented her from continuing. She also aspired to play collegiate volleyball but was constrained by her height.

In 2010, the television personality graduated from American University with a “summa cum laude” in broadcast journalism. She had previously gone to North Central High School.

Charly Caruso Lesbian: Why Do Fans Think The Sports Broadcaster Is Not Straight?

Charly Caruso has not disclosed her gender to the public yet. Likewise, the sports broadcaster has not revealed the love of her life to the media.  

However, Caruso has been linked to several personalities in her lifetime. She first sparked controversies over her gender when the broadcaster posted a picture on her Instagram story back in 2018. 

Caruso and her partner were glad to be spotted together as they took pictures of themselves for social media and enjoyed the game from some excellent seats.

Charly Caruso Lesbian
Charly Caruso was linked with Seth Rollins in 2019 after the wrestler posted a picture of the broadcaster. (Source: Twitter)

It’s “date night!” Charly wrote on her Instagram story. Additionally, in 2020, she was said to be dating Mexican professional wrestler Angel Garza.

She must have attracted his attention when he made his Row debut because they had been seen flirting in interviews.

Furthermore, when a picture of her and reality TV star Shawn Booth appeared online in December of the same year, there were rumors that she was dating him. But neither of them made the connection official.

In 2019, after Seth Rollins shared a picture of a woman on social media, rumors started circulating that Charly was dating the WWE star. But neither Charly nor Seth acknowledged the nature of their relationship.

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Arnolt allegedly got engaged to Nicky Sampogna, the senior director of social media production at WWE, in an incident in April 2021.

People assumed they were a couple when Nicky gave them a ring, but Arnolt subsequently revealed that it was a joke for April Fool’s Day and that they weren’t dating.

The sports broadcaster is linked with both genders, so she may be bisexual. But these are just assumptions based on the rumored connection of her to both males and females. 

Charly Caruso’s Troubles With Dating

In a podcast interview with Chasing Glory 2018, Caruso acknowledged that dating is challenging in the modern era due to social media and technological improvements, particularly in a metropolis like New York.

She continued by stating that individuals in Middle America choose to settle down when they are still young.

Charly Caruso Lesbian
Charly Caruso talks about the trouble she has with dating in a podcast. (Image Source: Wrestling News)

It was because the values of getting married and having children are ingrained in them from an early age, in contrast to people who choose to settle down much later in larger areas like New York.

Caruso is certainly career-driven and given how much of her time she spends traveling, it makes it natural that she doesn’t have enough free time to date.

It’s not as if she doesn’t want to date at all. In fact, she has admitted that she would be delighted to date someone who could truly understand her and her way of life.

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