Cheng Lei

Cheng Lei husband name has been searched by many people on the internet. If you want to know more about her married life, read this article till the end.

Cheng Lei is a Chinese-born Australian television news anchor who gained widespread recognition for her work at China Global Television Network (CGTN).

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She served in the station from 2012 to 2020. Likewise, Lei hosted the Global Business program, which airs on CGTN. Before that, she worked for nine years as CNBC’s China correspondent.

In September 2020, Lei was arrested on charges related to endangering national security. It’s been nearly three years of detention, and people are eager to know about her personal life.

So, collecting everything from the available sources, the details regarding Lei’s love life have been covered in today’s writing.

Cheng Lei Husband: Is She Married to Partner Nick Coyle?

Cheng Lei’s husband name is one of the most searched topics on the internet. She has a beloved partner named Nick Coyle, but it remains unclear whether they are married or not.

As of now, none of the verified media sources has given the facts regarding Lei’s marriage to Nick. Once Sky News Australia described Nick as the long-time boyfriend of Lei.

Cheng Lei Husband
Cheng Lei was photographed with her long-term partner Nick Coyle. ( Source: BBC )

So, it can be said that they are not married but have been in a relationship for many years. However, both of them have kept the details of their affair confidential.

Due to that, it remains unknown when the lovebirds started dating each other. Following the detention of Lei, Nick has often talked about his partner with the media.

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How Many Kids Does Cheng Lei Have?

Cheng Lei is the proud mother of two kids whose names have not been shared with the media. It seems like their names were not shared with the public domain due to privacy concerns.

Likewise, Cheng never talks about her personal matters with the media. Due to the lack of information, it can’t be said who the father of her two children is.

Cheng Lei Kids
Cheng Lei is the proud mother of two kids who are being taken care of by her family in Australia. ( Source: The Guardian )

However, she has a partner named Nick Coyle, who may be the father of his two kids. As people’s concern regarding her personal life has increased, more details may get updated in the future.

Apart from that, she has not met her family members for a long time, but it has been noted that Lei is able to write a letter to her children and parents once a month.

A Look At Cheng Lei Family Life

Cheng Lei was born to her loving parents in Yueyang, Hunan Province, in 1975. The names of her father and mother are also a mysterious topic to the general public.

According to a report, Lei emigrated to Australia with her parents just at the age of 10. Furthermore, her father is a longtime Perth resident who lives in Port Moresby.

Cheng Lei Family
Cheng Lei family is supporting her as she has been languishing in a Beijing prison for three years. ( Source: Shepparton News )

Moreover, Cheng holds dual nationality of Chinese-Australian. As stated earlier, Lei is the mother of two kids, and they are currently being cared for by her family in Australia.

Reportedly, Lei’s kids returned to Australia in the early onset of the Covid-19 pandemic

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