Chico Bean Kids

Chico Bean’s love for his kid shines through his heartfelt Instagram posts and captions.

Chico Bean, born Anthony Jamal Bean, has become well-known in the American entertainment industry. 

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With a career spanning various fields such as comedy, writing, producing, acting, and rapping, he has worked his way up from humble beginnings to headlining shows. 

Despite his success, Chico Bean has faced personal tragedies, including losing several family members to violence in America. 

While much of his life revolves around building his credentials in the entertainment industry, he is also a devoted father to his daughter, Pierce Chanel. 

This article will explore the details of Chico Bean’s little family, shedding light on his daughter and personal life.

Chico Bean Kids: Meet His Daughter

Chico Bean has one kid, a daughter named Pierce Chanel.

While details about Pierce Chanel’s life are not extensively available to the public, Chico Bean’s social media presence offers glimpses into their loving relationship. He frequently shares adorable pictures of his daughter, accompanied by heartfelt captions reflecting their deep bond.

Chico Bean’s Instagram posts show that Pierce Chanel is a source of immense joy and pride for him. He often refers to her as his “angel on Earth” and expresses gratitude for having her in his life. 

These sentiments showcase the depth of his love and his daughter’s significant role in his journey as a father.

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Despite Chico Bean’s private nature regarding his personal life, his openness about his relationship with Pierce Chanel is endearing.

Pierce Chanel Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is She?

No Wikipedia page is specifically dedicated to Pierce Chanel, Chico Bean’s daughter. 

Daughter 1
The Instagram post is a birthday tribute by Chicobean, to his daughter, Pierce Chanel, who was turning 9 years old in August 13, 2017. (Source: Instagram)

Regarding Pierce Chanel’s age, based on the information provided, she turned nine years old on August 13, 2017. Given that in 2024, she would be 15 years old. 

However, it’s important to note that without further updates or official information, providing precise details about her current age or other aspects of her life is challenging.

On her ninth birthday, Chico Bean shared an Instagram picture of Pierce Chanel, expressing his disbelief at how quickly time has passed and how much she means to him. His caption reflects the overwhelming joy and gratitude he experiences as a father, emphasizing that his daughter is his angel on Earth. 

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Despite Chico Bean’s consistent uploads of pictures featuring his daughter, he has not tagged her or made her Instagram page publicly available.

Chico Bean Wife: Is He Married?

The available information shows Chico Bean’s wife or partner remains a mystery. 

While there is limited public information about his romantic relationships, it is known that he has a child with his baby mama. However, details about whether or not they got married are unavailable, and the name of his baby mama has not been disclosed.

Chico Bean has always been private about his personal life, keeping his romantic relationships out of the public eye. 

He has not been seen in any public romantic relationships, and there is no official information about his current relationship status. 

While Chico Bean’s professional life and comedic talent have brought him into the limelight, he has successfully kept his personal life away from the public gaze. 

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As fans, it is essential to appreciate and support his work while understanding and respecting his decision to maintain privacy in matters relating to his relationships and family.


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