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Folks are eager to unravel the mysteries surrounding the Chiqui Hollman family, especially her husband Prandy Yulo and their daughter Chia Yulo.

Chiqui Hollmann-Yulo is a Filipino television personality and interior designer.

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She is known for hosting the popular variety show “Eat Bulaga” for many years. This role made her a household name in Philippine entertainment.

Before becoming a TV host, Chiqui studied interior design at the prestigious New York School of Interior Design.

Also, this background in design, combined with her lively and engaging personality on television, makes her a uniquely creative and communicative public figure.

Throughout her varied career, spanning design and entertainment, Chiqui has demonstrated dedication and talent.

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Chiqui Hollman Husband Prandy Yulo And Daughter Chia Yulo

Chiqui, a popular TV personality, has a supportive husband named Prandy Yulo.

Chiqui Hollman husband, Prandy has backed her career as a host and interior designer. He also takes pride in having a talented and loving wife.

In 2019, Chiqui and Prandy’s daughter, Chia Yulo, got married to JJ Pou in a Christian ceremony. All their close family and friends were there to celebrate the special occasion.

Chia wore a gorgeous white strapless lace gown with subtle beading and delicate details. Her accessories included headpieces and shoes fit for a bride.

It was actually her mother’s wedding dress from decades ago that inspired Chia’s wedding look. On her wedding day, Chiqui wore fresh grapes in her hair!

Chiqui Hollman husband
A beautiful image of Chiqui including her husband Prandy (right) and daughter, Chia (middle) (Source: YouTube)

Chia’s father gave a touching speech at her wedding that reminded her of her childhood.

The speech was a nostalgic and heartfelt gesture from a father on his daughter’s big day.

He made her recite special phrases he used to have her memorise when she was little, like “You are the apple of my eye.”

He also shared a sweet detail about Chia and JJ’s marriage being seemingly destined. He had met JJ’s father back in the 1980s and remembered him for how nice he was.

Coincidentally, Chia and JJ got married on February 3rd, which would have been JJ’s late father’s birthday.

Chiqui Hollman Family Details 

Hollman is mostly known as the co-host of the well-known show “Eat Bulaga.”

According to reports, Chiqui was not the original first choice to become the first female co-host on the hit variety show “Eat Bulaga!”

After leaving “Eat Bulaga!” a few years into her hosting stint, Chiqui resurfaced as a host on the competing shows “Student Canteen” and “Lunch Date” for some time.

Chiqui then officially retired from the entertainment industry in 1988, ending her hosting career.

That same year, she got married to her husband, Prandy Yulo, and stepped back from the spotlight.

Chiqui Hollman husband
Chiqui’s beloved daughter Chia and her son-in-law, Jay (Source: YouTube)

Today, years later, Chiqui continues to lead a quiet, private life away from public attention, preferring to avoid the limelight altogether.

Chiqui’s daughter Chia Yulo briefly followed in her mother’s footsteps as an “Eat Bulaga!” co-host for about a year in the 2000s.

Chiqui, a renowned Filipino television personality and interior designer also has a son named Chino Yulo. Like their mother, the Yulo children tend to stay out of the public eye.

Very little is known about Chiqui’s family life today or what she and her children have pursued over the years since withdrawing completely from entertainment and public life.

Furthermore, the Hollman family remain an extremely low-profile family.

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