Grand Island Chris Caruana

Chris Caruana Accident news has shattered the world as the 35-year-old pilot died recently. Let’s get to know more about his *****.

Chris Caruana was a pilot aged 35 who died in a plane crash that happened recently. He was passionate about flying planes, and with that, he also started his own company named Windsor Aviation.

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At his company, Caruana worked as an AG pilot. He was a family person who used to spend most of his spare time with his close ones.

When the news of Caruana’s ***** was shared, everyone was shocked. Immediately, tributes began pouring on social media. Now, let’s find out more about the plane accident.

Grand Island Chris Caruana Accident Linked to ***** of Pilot

Grand Island pilot Chris Caruana died at the age of 35 after getting involved in a plane accident. On Sunday afternoon, Caruana took off from a small Niagara County airport near Lake Ontario.

As he headed north, the passionate pilot made a low pass over Shear Airport, his aircraft climbing and making a gradual left turn. When he uttered an expletive over the radio, his plane made a sharp turn to the left.

Chris Caruana Accident
Grand Island pilot Chris Caruana died in a plane accident on Sunday at the age of 35. ( Source: WGRZ )

Chris, flying a two-seat plane, hit trees and power lines before crashing into a field just north of Braley Road in Porter. The state police also reported that Caruana was pronounced dead at the scene.

National Transportation Safety Board investigator Aaron McCarter said that the amount of time from when the plane took off, and the crash was around 15 seconds. 

Some witnesses reported hearing and seeing a part fall from the plane instantly before the aircraft hit some trees. Not to mention, the crash was reported at 3:08 pm. 

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Chris Caruana Obituary and Funeral Details

Chris Caruana obituary has already been shared, but the details regarding his funeral services are yet to get updated. As of now, the investigation regarding the crash seems to be going on.

So, more updates will be given soon by the concerned department. As of now, the whole family and friends of Caruana receive condolence messages via various social media platforms.

Chris Caruana Obituary
A fundraiser has been setup on GoFundMe on behalf of Chris Caruana’s family. ( Source: Twitter )

One of his cousins on Facebook paid tribute to Chris, writing, “I could never forget this time out at the farm I wish I could go back to this day! Never take anything for granted, and cherish every moment you have with your loved ones. Love you, cousin.”

Who Was Chris Caruana? Meet His Family

Chris Caruana was a seasoned pilot who had over 5,000 hours. Caruana was a commercial pilot, well-known and respected by his friends.

During the crash, Caruana’s plane was not equipped with a black box but did have equipment in the cockpit that could provide investigators with the same data as a black box.

Chris Caruana Kids
Chris Caruana was a family man who had started a family of his own with his beloved girlfriend Kelly Lynn. ( Source: Facebook )

So, the investigation continues, and more updates may get updated. Besides that, the Caruana family mourns the loss as he was close to many people.

Besides that, Chris is survived by his girlfriend, Kelly Lynn. They were in a relationship for a long time and also welcomed two kids named Landyn and Morghyn.

Genius Celebs also pays our deepest condolences to the whole Caruana family and friends. 

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