Chris Hani

Why is the Late Chris Hani on trending news? Chris Hani’s news has grabbed the attention of many people. 

Chris Hani was the Leader of the South African Communist Party and the armed wing of the African National Congress.

Janusz Waluś shot him, and he died on the spot on 10 April 1993. At age 15, he was a member of the ANC Youth League.

As a member, he was always active in protests and was involved in any ANC Youth League program.

Hani worked hard to become the Leader; everyone was happy to work under the Leader Chris Hani.

But he was shot to death by his enemy, and it was shocking news for everyone who always appreciated his work.

Chris Hani News: Where Are His Family?

South Africa’s highest court has ordered the release of Janusz Waluś, who killed anti-apartheid hero Chris Hani in April 1993.

Walus killed Hani as he picked up the newspapers in April 1993 by shooting him at point-blank range in the chin, behind the ear, and chest. 

The guy who killed him was immediately arrested and charged with murder. Also, he was sentenced to death but commuted to life after South Africa abolished the death penalty at the end of apartheid in 1994.

The death of Hani has always been emotional for South Africa, so people have been concerned about his family after the killer was released.

Janusz Walus murdered of the black communist leader Chris Hani.
Janusz Walus murdered the black communist Leader Chris Hani. (Image Source: Independent)

So, talking about his family, he had his wife, Limpho Hani; his two siblings are the only ones left.

Christopher Hani and Victor Hani are still alive, but much information has not been disclosed yet. Gilbert Hani and Nomayise Hani, siblings of Chris Hani, are not alive. 

So, he was the Father of three daughters he had with his partner Limpho Hani. Lindiwe Hani, Neo Hani and Nomakhwezi Hani.

After their Father was killed, everyone in the family kept their relationship private. Also, her daughter Nomakhwezi was killed in 1993, so little information about his family has been provided.

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Meet Chris Hani Wife, Limpho Hani, And Kids

Limpho Hani is the wife of Chris Hani; she has not been involved in any political work since her husband was killed.

When the release information about the killer came out, Limpho did not seem happy. She mentioned that she doesn’t want her family at risk again.

Limpho Hani has publicly talked about how hard it is to find out that the killer will get released; she wants the court to listen to her again.

Limpho Hani
Limpho Hani opposes the new bid for the release of Janusz Walus. (Image Source: IOL News)

Hani shared that she still has her two children and doesn’t want their life at risk. The couple had three children, but in 1993 her youngest daughter was also killed. 

Lindiwe HaniNeo Hani, and Nomakhwezi Han are three strong daughters raised by Limpho and Chris. 

After Chris was killed when he always did appreciate work, his family could not be safe with the killer roaming around.

His family is unhappy about the release, so hopefully, the court will listen to Limpho and consider their situation.

Additionally, Chris’s family should be more careful now; they must be careful of the killer. No one knows what he is up to, and no one knows if he will not do that again.

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