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Chris Kaba parents were devasted after getting the bad news concerning their son. Chris was a professional British rapper and songwriter who was known as Mad Itch 67 and madix.

He was shot dead by Police in Streatham after chasing in south London, and the talented rapper was just 23 years old when he passed away on 5th September 2022. He was part of drill group 67.

He was born and raised in London; His incident has taken all the headlines following his death. The talented rapper was a MOBO Award nominee in 2016 while still part of group 67.

Who Are His Parents And Brother?

Chris Kaba was born in 1999 as the son of Elaine Kaba And Prosper Kaba. The parents were in shock following their son’s death and have been involved in the protest demanding justice for their son. He was a British citizen of mixed ethnicity.

His family said, “We need answers, and We need accountability. We are devastated; we need answers, and we need accountability. We are worried that if Chris had not been Black, he would have been arrested on Monday evening and not had his life cut short”. The family and public believe this to be a case of another homicide targeted at the black community.

Chris Kaba's Parents
Chris Kaba’s Parent’s pictures from a protest.
Source:(Malaysia news)

He is believed innocent as no firearm was found in his car. The media have not identified his siblings, but his cousin’s brother Jefferson Bosela has been engaging with the media and said: “We were informed 11 hours after the incident”, further adding suspicion to the case.

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Chris Kaba Girlfriend: Did They Have Kids?

The rapper has a girlfriend named Karima White, which his father confirms. The couple had recently been engaged and planned to get married in five months; Mrs. Kim Alleyene, his girlfriend’s mother, said: “He was a fiancé; he was due to get married in five months. He’s got a baby on the way that he’s never going to see. It’s horrible and so shocking and so sad.”

Mrs. Aleyene
Mrs. Aleyene broke down while speaking to the media.

The couple was having the time of their lives as they were expecting a baby. His fiance is deeply affected by the incident and too devastated to talk. According to his family and friends, Chris was a funny, humble, and good human being who was not involved by any sort in the crimes he had been accused of.

An unnamed friend said, “There’s a bullet hole in the windscreen; he wasn’t given a chance. He was unarmed. He was soon to be a father for the first time. This is awful; we’re all in huge shock.” Massive protests have followed, with people taking it to the streets demanding justice for Chris.

What Was The Net Worth Of Chris Kaba?

Chris was looking forward to a successful career with his craft; He was an essential part of the Rap group, which is very popular in the Uk drill scene, and their track “Lets Lurk” was a massive hit.

Though there are no accurate statistics regarding his networth according to an estimation, it is believed to be around 200k dollars. Besides music, he was a big football fan and had recently watched United play Arsenal with a friend.

What Happened to Chris Kaba on 5th September 2022?

The Audi being driven by the rapper was linked to a firearms incident in previous days. The car was subsequently rammed and boxed in by two Police cars on the residential road of Kirkstall Gardens.

Chris died after a specialist firearms officer fired a single gunshot through the driver’s side of the windscreen. The Police stated that they had to take such harsh action as Kaba stopped following tactical contact.

Officers investigating Kaba's car after the incident
Officers investigating Kaba’s car after the incident

Officers gave him immediate medical attention before the arrival of the ambulance. Unfortunately, after two hours of being taken to the hospital, The rapper took his last breath and died from the gunshot wound.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) has launched a homicide investigation and has suspended the firearms officer involved in the case. The death has caused various protests against the Police department with accusations of racism. Kaba is believed to be innocent by the public.

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