Chris Long Children

Chris Long children and wife form a close-knit family that embodies the values of love and compassion.

The former NFL defensive end, Chris Long, has always been known for his impressive football career, charitable work, and strong family values. 

He comes from a family deeply rooted in football, with a Hall of Fame father, Howie Long, and a younger brother, Kyle Long, who also made a name for himself in the NFL. 

In this article, we’ll explore Chris Long’s journey into parenthood and the recent addition that has completed his family – his daughter, June Long.

Chris Long Children Complete His Family

The arrival of Chris Long’s three children has undoubtedly completed his family in the most heartwarming way. 

Starting with the birth of his first son, Waylon James Long, Chris and his wife, Megan, embraced the joys of parenthood and the responsibilities that come with it. 

With the addition of Luke Redding Long, their family grew, strengthening their bond as they nurtured their two boys. The birth of their first daughter, June Long, has added a new and cherished dimension to their lives. 

June is a symbol of love and the culmination of a family deeply rooted in sports and philanthropy. 

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As a family of five, the Longs are poised to continue their remarkable journey, leaving a legacy of love, values, and shared experiences that will endure for generations.

The Long family’s story serves as an inspiring reminder of the power of family, sports, and philanthropy.

Meet Chris Long Sons Waylon James & Luke Redding 

Chris Long’s sons, Waylon James and Luke Redding, have brought immeasurable joy to his life.

Chris Long Children
Over the course of their marriage, Megan and Chris have been fortunate enough to have three children. (Source:

His journey into fatherhood began on March 2, 2016, when he and his wife, Megan O’Malley, welcomed their first child.

They welcomed a son named Waylon James Long. This momentous occasion marked a new chapter in Chris and Megan’s life as they embraced the joys and challenges of parenthood.

Waylon James Long, affectionately known as Waylon, quickly became the center of their world.

With his birth, Chris and Megan discovered the unparalleled joy of watching their child grow and develop. They celebrated each milestone and cherishing every precious moment.

Two years later, on November 26, 2018, the Long family experienced another moment of immense happiness with the arrival of their second son, Luke Redding Long.

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Luke, whose middle name pays tribute to his father’s football legacy, brought even more love and laughter into the Long household.

Chris Long Daughter: Who Is June Long?

Chris Long’s daughter, June Long, is the newest addition to the family.

Chris Long Children
Chris Long and his wife, Megan, recently welcomed their baby girl, June, into the world. (Source:

Recently, the Long family’s joy reached new heights with the addition of their third child; this time, it’s a baby girl. On July 7, 2023, Chris Long and Megan O’Malley welcomed their first daughter, June Long, into the world.

June Long’s birth is a significant moment in the Long family’s life. She is not only the newest member but also the first girl in a household filled with love and laughter.

Her arrival completes the Long family, and her presence will surely bring a unique and heartwarming dynamic to their lives.

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June Long is destined to be surrounded by the strong, supportive, and football-loving Long family. It includes her father, Chris, her two older brothers, Waylon and Luke, and her uncle, Kyle Long.

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