Chris Moyles Weight Loss Surgery

Chris Moyles has impressed his fans with a weight transformation after struggling to lose weight for almost six years.

Moyles is the presenter of The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X, author and television partner.

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He has shown many television shows, including Lives With Chris Moyles, The Villa, Big Brother’s Big Mouth, The Love Machine, and more.

Also, he has been involved in many shows and appeared as a guest for many popular television shows.

People have always loved his personality and how he conducted radio programs.

Chris Moyles Weight Loss Surgery Before And After

Chris Moyles came up in the show I’m a Celebrity jungle this Sunday with a new look losing six stone.

He started losing weight almost six years, and it has been a dramatic change. He mentioned that he struggled a lot initially to lose some pounds.

But when he started seeing some difference, he continued exercising to maintain his body; he struggled to lose six stone for almost six or more years. 

Chris Moyles Before and After Picture after lossing 6 stone.
Chris Moyles Before and After Picture after losing 6 stone. (Source: Daily Record)

He has been a significant health kick for over six years; at age 48, he looks younger than he did in the past. Now, he has a fascinating body; it looks good to see him in a new look. 

Talking about the surgery, he never had any surgery to look any different; he seems complicated to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. The weight loss was natural; he had a healthy diet and workout to have that body. 

People have been asking if he has done any surgery to lose six stones, but he did not have one. Moyles trained himself for a long time to get the fit body he has now. 

Also, he has not stopped having a proper diet after losing some amount; he has been continuously following his diet and exercising regularly. 

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Diet And Workout Plan Chris Moyles During His Weight Loss Journey 

Moyles speaks openly about his weight loss journey; in the first step, he started ditching alcohol and white bread, which he had daily. 

He started taking healthy stuff and ditching the junk and unhealthy food he had daily. White bread was a must when he went for a walk or to take some groceries. 

He said it was hard for him to ditch white bread; when you regularly have food daily, it will be a habit. He also revealed that he struggled with body dysmorphia, which forced him to follow the diet.

Another process to stay slim was Intermittent fasting, which involves limited food consumption to certain time constraints, like from 5:30-6:30 pm. 

He started skipping day meals for some time; then he learned to cook, which helped to control what he puts into his food to make it healthy.

Moyles also hired a personal trainer, who took up running and weight lifting, ensuring he achieved the perfect balance of diet and strengthening training in his new lifestyle.

Chris Moyles in the gym working out during the journey of weight loss.
Chris Moyles in the gym working out during the journey of weight loss. (Source: The Sun)

He swapped his junk food with protein-containing food, vegetables, fruits, and other healthy foods; he started having those daily. 

Obviously, it was hard to change all those habits at once, but it was worth it, and now he is living a new active lifestyle. 

Moyles still does follow his diet and exercise; his current diet involves just 2,000 calories per day which is 500 less than you need. 

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