Chris Weidman Brother In Law

Chris Weidman brother in law relationship with Stephen Thompson was developed later as initially, they were long-time friends and training partners.

Their good bond led to the further building of relationships as a family.

Both Chris Weidman and Stephen Thompson are well-known individuals as they are American professional mixed martial artists.

They perform through the middleweight and welterweight divisions, respectively, for the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Their mutual bond has always been a subject of appreciation for many people, and now after they are brother-in-law, their relationship seems to be tight. Let’s find out their family’s whereabouts.

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Who Is Chris Weidman Brother In Law Stephen Thompson?

Chris Weidman’s Brother In Law, Stephen Thompson, is a professional mixed martial artist and model.

The duos were long-term pals and training mates, so their relationship has been closer.

Stephen Thompson Brother in law
Brother-in-law Stephen Thompson is confident that former champion Chris Weidman will fight again after the injury (Source- MMA India)

Since Chris and Stephen relate through the same industry, their association left a good bond for a long time.

When their siblings tied the knot in 2016, both the UFC fighters congratulated them on social media. 

Since their excellent bonds were widely known and they often hung out with each other, their siblings also made a way to know each other. Shortly after falling in love, they got married officially.

Moreover, Stephen Thompson’s brother Tony Thompson is married to Chris Weidman’s sister, creating the bond between the two fighters even smoothly through family ties.

Chris Weidman And Stephen Thompson Family Tree

Chris Weidman and Stephen Thompson are now family members through their sibling’s marriage. Besides that, their family tree is different as they come from diverse backgrounds. 

Weidman was born on 17th June 1984, in Baldwin, New York, as the second of three children. His ethnicity follows German and Irish descent, but he was nurtured as Lutheran.

On the other hand, Thompson was born in Simpsonville, South Carolina, on 11th February 1983 and grew up with his two sisters and brothers. 

Even though they had different geographical backgrounds, their parents and family members played a vast role in uplifting their interest in martial arts careers.

Both of them started their training at a young age.

Chris Weidman and Stephen Thompson
Chris Weidman and Stephen Thompson speak to the media at the UFC 205 Source: Youtube)

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Chris Weidman And Stephen Thompson Net Worth

According to Celebrity’s Net Worth, Chris Weidman and Stephen Thompson has no difference in their net worth as both have accumulated 3 million dollars from their well-established career.

Both have successfully accumulated wealth from their career as professional martial artists in the United States.

Currently, both are competing at the Ultimate Fighting Championship under different divisions.

They both have gained numerous honors and titles through their jaw-dropping performances and are well-known among viewers.

Likewise, Weidman has been active since 2009, whereas Thompson initiated in 2010.

According to Glassdoor, the professional fighter at Ultimate Fighting Championship earns an estimated amount of up to $47,685 yearly. Besides that, Stephen is also a model.

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