Chrisean Rock And Blueface Leaked Video

Chrisean Rock and Blueface leaked video is making headlines as the video contained explicit content. Learn about the video scandal from this article.

Chrisean Rock is a musician and influencer. There are plenty of her tracks on Spotify.

She had an appearance on the American reality program Bad Girls Club. She has a sizable social media following. Approximately 2 million people follow her on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Blueface is an American rapper. His unconventional rhyming style made him a popular meme in October 2018, with the release of the music video for his single “Respect My Cryppin.”

The following month, he signed with Cash Money West, the West Coast division of Birdman’s Cash Money Records label.

Chrisean and Blueface were in a relationship. However, that seems to have ended after their intimate videos were leaked online.

Chrisean Rock And Blueface Leaked Video On Reddit And Twitter

There have been a ton of retweets on Twitter in response to the popular video of Chrisean Rock and Blueface having a sexual encounter.

According to rumors, Chrisean’s official Twitter account @ChriseanMalone is where the video was allegedly released. The footage is absent from Blueface’s page.

Despite being taken in a much darker environment this time, a second video has also gained attention on Twitter. You can hear the groans of two people, but you cannot identify them.

Chrisean Rock And Blueface Leaked Video
Chrisean Rock And Blueface explicit adult video leaked on Twitter and Reddit. (Image Source: The US Sun)

Twitter users claim that Chrisean’s Instagram stories were used to distribute the viral video. She has deleted both of these videos from her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

After the incident, rumors surfaced that Chrisean Rock and Blueface were no longer together because their photos and videos were posted on social media and became viral on Twitter.

Chrisean Rock and Blueface, according to TMZ, were last spotted together on September 22 at a Party and fashion show for the Zeus Network and Daniel’s Leather brand at New York Fashion Week.

She wore a massive, vivid blue fur coat and performed a catwalk together. With a dark blue cut-out shirt that barely covered her endowments, Chrisean matched her form-fitting booty shorts.

Blueface followed her in a bright blue T-shirt and matching leather leggings. They shared a beautiful kiss as they reached the end of their walk.

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Blueface And Chrisean Rock Public Altercation Tape Also Goes Viral 

Blueface and Chrisean Rock are well-known musicians whose relationship has recently made headlines.

Videos of the two engaging in another public confrontation surfaced online a few weeks ago.

The physical incident between American rapper Blueface and his girlfriend Chrisean Rock in Hollywood was caught on tape.

Singer Chrisean was seen chasing after the rapper down the street before grabbing hold of his shirt and yanking him back.

Chrisean Rock and Blueface Leaked Video
Chrisean Rock and Blueface public altercation video was caught on camera. (Source: XXL Mag)

She shoves Blueface before striking him in the face. She is then struck in the head by Blueface, who causes the chain around her neck to fall off, sending her to the ground.

Blueface pushes her against the wall and strikes her in the head and body numerous times. His shirt pulls her as she turns the corner.

Police were called, but Chrisean and Blueface had left the area when they arrived.

Chrisean also posted on her Instagram stories, claiming the rapper had knocked her Father out, saying, “Family stuff didn’t go well.”

Two weeks later, it appeared that the two were arguing again, but the hip-hop musicians’ private footage has since been leaked.

The leak caused so many differences between them, and everything appeared to have ended this time.

At least, that’s what they’re saying right now. The most poisonous union in Hip-Hop history might be coming to an end.

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