Chrissie Swan weight loss

Is Chrissie Swan weight loss the result of plastic surgery? Contrary to speculations, the media personality said she walked a lot to slim down.

Born Christina Swan, Chrissie Swan is a media personality – television and radio presenter – of Australian nationality.

She has garnered remarkable fame and fortune during her career. Besides her accomplishments, the television personality’s stunning weight loss truly amazes her admirers.

However, various rumors have persisted regarding her transformation, including plastic surgery. Follow us till the end and discover the truth behind Chrissie Swan’s weight loss.

Chrissie Swan Weight Loss Before And After: Has She Undergone A Surgery?

Chrissie Swan underwent a dramatic body transformation in 2021. When the 49-year-old presenter stepped out after the metamorphosis, people could not help but drop their jaws.

Chrissie Swan weight loss
Chrissie Swan before and after weight loss. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

Numerous speculations continued to circulate online. People ask if the media personality underwent the knit to achieve her current body.

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However, it is false. Swan didn’t undergo plastic surgery. In an interview with Women’s Weekly, Chrissie revealed that her weight loss journey started during Melbourne’s Covid-19 lockdown.

You must be aware Melbourne had the world’s most prolonged lockdown during a pandemic.

Chrissie was also featured on the cover of the magazine. She looked absolutely stunning in a green dress with a rope belt at the waist.

Chrissie Swan Walked Two Hour Per Day

The former Big Brother contestant said they were unable to go out to dinner, visit a friend’s home or have them come to them, go farther than five kilometers.

All they could do was walk, and that’s what she did. Initially, she walked short distances/time, increasing it to two hours per day.

During Melbourne’s lockdown, she also started using meditation and 10-kilometer walks to enhance her physical and mental well-being.

With Sam and Browny, the media personality stopped alcohol around in 2020 as part of a health initiative breakfast program on Nova 100.

Following a night of alcohol-free karaoke with a partner in March 2021, Chrissie claimed to feel better than ever.

She noted a month later that since giving up alcohol, her sleep had also greatly improved.

As for her diet plan, she decided to remain silent. “I won’t disclose my daily diet to you because after reading those stories, I feel awful about myself,” Chrissie explained.

Chrissie Swan weight loss
Melbourne’s lengthy lockdown during the global pandemic was the catalyst of Chrissie Swan’s stunning metamorphosis. (Image Source: Instagram)

Chrissie Swan Warned Her Fans After She Caught Up In Weight Loss Scam

Weight loss scammers used Chrissie Swan’s picture to market their product.

The radio star took to Instagram stories in September 2022 to warn her fans. Apparently, a fake Chrissie Swan Facebook account impersonated the star.

In her stories, she informed her fans that the product was a scam and not to give them money. The media personality further explained she is not active on Facebook and “would never endorse such rubbish.”

Chrissie Swan Keto Gummies

There have been a lot of talks about Chrissie Swan eating Keto gummy bears to lose weight. But it is false; the gorgeous lady never ate it.

One of Swan’s followers decided to ask about those speculations. The follower question in one of her Instagram posts, “did you really take up keto gummies?”

“Absolutely not! It is a scam. Don’t buy,” Swan replied.

Her follower thanked the media personality for replying and admired her as an amazing person.

The Victoria native is widely known for hosting the shows such as The Chrissie Swan Show, which airs on Nova FM. The Victoria native also served as a judge on the singing competition The Masked Singer Australia.

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