Christian Alexander Moreno

Christian Alexander Moreno was arrested after an elderly man, Ramon Najera, was killed by his dogs. The bloodthirsty dogs injured the man’s wife, who is in hospital with a severe injury.

The incident occurred on February 24 on Depla Street in San Antonio, Texas. The elderly couple was on their way to visit some friends.

Apart from the elderly person’s wife, a San Antonio Fire Department officer was injured by the dog bite.

San Antonio Police Department released a statement announcing the arrest of the dogs’ owner, Mr. Christian Alexander Moreno.

He is being charged with two felony crimes and may face prison for negligence with his dogs, causing a death.

Police said that the dogs were previously involved in other confirmed bite cases in the past.

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Christian Alexander Moreno Arrested

31-year-old Christian Alexander Moreno was arrested after his dogs killed an 81-year-old elderly man and injured his 74-year-old wife.

Moreno was arrested by San Antonio Police Department’s Covert Unit and now faces two felony charges.

The first is a felony charge of Attack by Dangerous Dogs that Causes Death, and the second is a felony charge of Injury to an Elderly by Ommission or Negligence.

According to Bexar County records, Moreno is held on a bond of $125,000 and is charged with the two offenses.

Christian Alexander Moreno
Christian Alexander Moreno, 31, was arrested after his Pitbulls killed an 81-year-old elderly man and injured his 74-year-old wife. (Source: CNN)

San Antonio Police Department took on social media to announce that they have arrested Moreno for the deadly dog attack.

According to the arrest affidavit, Moreno refused to return them to Animal Care Services after his wife noticed them becoming more aggressive after being sterilized.

The wife told the police she had been scared of the dogs since being sterilized, claiming they became more aggressive.

She also claimed that she had told her husband to return the dogs to ACS for everyone’s safety since the dogs were attacking each other.

San Antonio Animal Care Services took the two dogs and another owned by Moreno. The dogs were euthanized later the same day.

The owner, Christian Alexander Moreno, said his dogs had been secured with tethers, collars, and harnesses four days before the attack.

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81-Year-Old Ramon Najera Killed In Dog Attack

A tragic incident by violent dogs in San Antonio caused the death of 81-year-old Ramon Najera.

On February 24, 2023, at around 2 pm, Najera and his 74-year-old wife went to visit some friends in the 2800 block of Depla Street.

When they exited their vehicle, they were attacked by two American Staffordshire Terriers. 

The dogs escaped their yard next to the couple’s friends’ house. They then attacked the elderly couple, causing visible bite injuries to both.

Witnesses soon called the police and Emergency Medical Service.

When San Antonio Fire Department EMS arrived, the dogs were still attacking the couple.

San Antonio Fire Department officers arrived and used pickaxes and pike poles to save the elderly couple from the violent dogs. (Source: KSAT)

The SAFD EMS attempted to intervene in the attack, during which one of the EMS Captains was bitten in his leg by one dog.

The three victims were transported to a local hospital for their injuries. Sadly, Ramon Najera could not be saved as he succumbed to the injury.

San Antonio Animal Care Services and San Antonio Police Department are investigating the incident.

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