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Fans are curious to know about Christina Manning Husband after he announced their wedding recently. Read on to find out who John Zloty is, what he does, and their family. 

Christina Manning is a television personality aged 39.

Christina and her twin sister Jessica are better known as the psychic twins, who claim they do not need to talk with each other to have conversations.

She is a love coach and appears in the second season of Extreme Sisters alongside Jessica.

She is also a writer, having written a book on charging your food with Reiki. Her co-author is Jessica.

Her recent rise to fame comes from her marriage and pregnancy announcements on Instagram.

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Her fans responded well to the announcements after seeing her on the second season of Extreme Sisters.

Meet Christina Manning Husband, John Zloty

Christina Manning and her husband, John Zloty, married each other on August 14, 2021.

However, the couple revealed their marriage only on January 6, 2023, which is why they are making headlines now. 

Unlike Christina, John seems to be shy when it comes to sharing his personal life. 

As such, his Instagram feed is dotted with pictures of the happy couple and his fitness routines.

Christina Manning Husband
Christina Manning with her husband, John Zloty. (Source: Instagram)

To say that John is a fitness geek would be an understatement. Some sources claim that he is a Sonar Technician at the U.S. Navy, but that is yet to be confirmed.

However, he has been awfully quiet regarding his personal life, such as his family and siblings.

We have yet to determine when he was born, but he has confirmed that he is from Indiana. 

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For now, his early life remains wrapped up in mystery. The couple is expecting their first child together at the moment. 

Christina Manning Family And Kids

A single mother raised Christina Manning, and she never seems to refer to her dad.

Some sources say that her parents have been divorced for a long time, but the T.V. personality has yet to confirm it.

Christina’s mother passed away due to Cancer, and in 2020, she made a post on Instagram wishing her late mother a happy birthday.

Christina has a twin sister – Jessica Dunagan. The two shared a very close bond and were featured on Extreme Sisters.

Christina has two kids, Maddox and Maelyn, from a previous relationship with Tristan Manning.

Christina Manning Kids
Christina with her son Maddox(right) and daughter Maelyn(left) on Christmas morning. (Source: Instagram)

She and her sister were pregnant around the same time, and both would’ve had two kids, but Jessica suffered a miscarriage and had only one child.

What Is Christina Manning Net Worth In 2024?

According to sources, Christina Manning’s net worth is around $400,000.

This massive fortune comes from her years on the Internet and television, during which she has worked on multiple projects.

Sources say that she and her sister Jessica make $10,000 to $30,000 from a single episode of “Extreme Sisters.”

Her long stint on Extreme Sisters has boded well for her in terms of wealth and fame.

Not only that, but a portion of her wealth comes from her cameo videos, where she gives a “psychic” reading for a price.

She charges $29.9 for a single video and likely more for a video with her sister, which they call “Twin Reading,” as per their website.

Christina Manning
Christina and Jessica on an outing with their co-stars from Extreme Sisters. (Source: Instagram)

Her television and internet professional endeavors have considerably boosted her total wealth.

Her net worth is predicted to rise following the second season of Extreme Sisters. 

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