Christopher Duntsch

On 20 February 2017, Dr. ***** was sentenced to life in prison. He is imprisoned in the O.B. Ellis Unit outside of Huntsville. Christopher Duntsch won’t be eligible for parole until 2045.

Christopher Duntsch is a former neurosurgeon known by his nickname Dr. ***** or Dr. D. The Montana native got his nickname for his malpractice while working at hospitals in Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

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The television series Dr. ***** based on the incident, began streaming on Peacock in July 2021. The series peers into the torturous crimes of the former medical professional.

The Texas Medical Board revoked his license in 2013. In 2017, he was found guilty of maiming one of his patients. So, where is Dr. ***** now? Let’s find it out in today’s article, including the detail of his malpractice.

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Is Christopher Duntsch In Jail? What Happened To Dr. *****?

Dr. ***** moved to Dallas in 2010. He had impressive qualifications with 15 years of medical training. His resume was reportedly twelve single-spaced pages.

Christopher Duntsch
Christopher Duntsch had 15 years of medical training. (Souce: ATI)

He had no problem landing a job as a neurosurgeon. But he made a poor impression on his fellow surgeon at Baylor Plano.

His malpractice resulted in the spinal injuries of numerous patients and two fatalities. Out of 38 patients, Duntsch was accused of injuring 33 within less than two years.

Veteran vascular surgeon Randall Kirby sent the Texas Medical Board a written complaint.

Under the heavy lobbying of Kirby and another spine surgeon Robert Henderson, the board suspended Dr. Christopher Duntsch’s license on 26 June 2013.

After an in-depth investigation, Texas Medical Board revoked Dr. *****’s license on 6 December, 2013. He then moved to Denver, Colorado, where he quickly fell out of favor.

Christopher listed over $1 million in debts before filing for bankruptcy. During one of his visits to his children, he was arrested for DUI and taken for a psychiatric evaluation.

In March 2014, Mary Efurd, Kenneth Fennel, and Lee Passmore – three of Dr. *****’s patients filed lawsuits against Baylor Plano. They alleged the hospital permitted Duntsch to perform surgeries despite knowing he was a risky doctor.

Dr. Christopher Duntsch Arrest And Charge

Although Dr. Christopher Duntsch was a clear threat to the public, there were no criminal charges until 2015.

Henderson and Kirby were concerned that Duntsch would relocate and get a medical license. So, they asked the Dallas County district attorney’s office to press criminal charges.

One of the issues was demonstrating that Christopher’s behavior met the legal definition of willful under Texas law.

After speaking with dozens of patients of Duntsch, prosecutors concluded that Duntsch’s actions were undoubtedly criminal.

They also concluded that short imprisonment wouldn’t prevent him from practicing medicine again. Dr. ***** was detained in Dallas in July 2015.

Christopher Duntsch
Christopher Duntsch was arrested in. (Source: The Sun)

He was charged with six felonies for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, five for aggravated assault resulting in serious bodily injury, and one for injuring an older person.

The most recent accusation was Efurd’s maiming and paralysis. He was held in Dallas Country prison for nearly two years until the case went to trial in 2017.

On 20 February 2017, Dr. ***** was sentenced to life in prison. He is imprisoned in the O.B. Ellis Unit outside of Huntsville. Christopher won’t be eligible for parole until 2045.

Christopher Duntsch Family And Girlfriend

He was born in Montana to his parents on 3 April 1971.

While his Father, Donald, was a physical therapist and Christian missionary, his mom, Susan, was a school teacher.

Christopher graduated from Evangelical Christian School, where he was an active football player. The former Duntsch has two children with his ex-girlfriend.

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