Taylor Schabusiness Lawyer

Christopher Froelich, Taylor Schabusiness lawyer-Learn about his professional background and personal life. 

Taylor Schabusiness is a 25-year-old individual from Green Bay currently facing first-degree intentional homicide, third-degree sexual abuse, and mutilating a corpse.

The charges are related to the killing and dismemberment of her friend, Shad Tyrion, in February 2022.

The trial began in July 2023, and numerous witnesses have testified, including the victim’s mother and law enforcement officials.

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Who Is Christopher Froelich, Taylor Schabusiness Lawyer? 

Christopher Froelich is an attorney representing Taylor Schabusiness in her trial for the alleged killing and decapitation of Shad Thryion.

He stepped in as her legal counsel after Schabusiness attacked her previous attorney, Quinn Jolly, resulting in Jolly’s withdrawal from the case.

To ensure a fair trial, Froelich requested a new evaluation to assess Schabusiness’s competency, expressing concerns that the previous review from 2022 may no longer be relevant.

Taylor Schabusiness Lawyer
Christopher Froelich defends Taylor Schabusiness in a homicide trial. (Image Source: The Independent)

Froelich is committed to upholding justice and aims to provide a strong defence for his client. The trial, scheduled to commence on July 24, is a significant legal proceeding.

A status conference is also expected to take place to address the case’s current status and any potential scheduling matters.

As an experienced attorney, Christopher brings his legal insight and expertise to the forefront, striving to protect the rights and interests of his clients.

His involvement in this complex case reflects his dedication to providing professional and zealous representation, even in challenging and high-profile matters.

Christopher Froelich Wikipedia And Age

Christopher T. Froelich is an esteemed attorney with an illustrious career spanning over 31 years, making him a highly respected figure in the legal profession.

As the founder and principal of Froelich Law Offices, he has dedicated his practice to serving clients with unwavering dedication and expertise.

Based in Wisconsin, Froelich has established a reputation as a formidable advocate, specializing in Criminal Law, DUI & DWI cases, Divorce, and other areas of family law.

With a deep commitment to justice and a strong belief in the importance of upholding the rights of individuals, Christopher Froelich has become a sought-after legal practitioner in the state.

His extensive experience and track record of success have earned him the trust of countless clients who seek his counsel in complex legal matters.

Throughout his career, Froelich has handled a wide array of criminal cases, ranging from misdemeanours to high-stakes felonies, demonstrating a mastery of the intricacies of the criminal justice system.

Clients facing charges for DUI & DWI offences turn to him for his in-depth knowledge and skilful defence strategies to secure the best possible outcomes.

In addition to his prowess in criminal defence, Christopher is well-versed in handling Divorce and family law matters.

Taylor Schabusiness Lawyer
Christopher T. Froelich: Respected attorney with 31 years of experience. (Image Source: Justia Lawyers Directory)

With empathy and sensitivity, he assists clients navigating through emotionally challenging situations, ensuring that their rights and interests are safeguarded during divorce proceedings, child custody disputes, spousal support negotiations, and related legal matters.

Froelich’s comprehensive legal understanding and dedication to providing personalized attention to each client sets him apart in the legal community.

His approachable demeanour and ability to explain complex legal concepts clearly and understandably have earned him the appreciation and respect of clients and peers alike.

As a seasoned advocate, Christopher continues to uphold the highest standards of legal excellence, advocating for the rights of individuals in Wisconsin.

Whether facing criminal charges or undergoing family law challenges, clients can rely on Froelich’s extensive experience and unwavering commitment to providing top-notch legal representation.

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