Christy Dignam death cause

This article revolves around Christy Dignam death cause and obituary details. Dignam was an Irish singer best known as the lead singer of the famous Irish rock band Aslan.

Multiple Irish chart hits, and persistent drug addiction and recovery issues marked his over 40-year career.

Meelah XVIII, a predecessor of Aslan created by Dignam. “What a great singer!” said the review in Hot Press at a concert to close a toxic landfill in Finglas.

In 1980, Meelah XVIII produced a track for The Dave Fanning Show on 2FM. On the Aslan triple CD, The “Rarities” disc from “The Platinum Collection,” the Meelah XVIII tracks “Toy Soldier” and “Meelah Pt. 2” were both featured.

Dignam, Tony Talbot, Mick McKenna, Joe Jewell, and Gerry Conlon were the musicians for Meelah XVIII.

People are interested to learn more about Christy Dignam death cause after hearing the news of his passing.

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Christy Dignam Death Cause And Obituary

At 63, Dignam passed away at home on June 13, 2023. Christy Dignam death cause is an illness.

On January 16, 2023, his family revealed that Dignam had received palliative care at home since December 2022.

In the 1980s, Dignam started using heroin, and his drug usage led to disagreements that ultimately drove him to leave Aslan.

Christy Dignam Death Cause
Christy Dignam death cause is an illness. (Source: Irish Mirror)

In 2004, he enrolled in several drug rehabilitation centers, including a stay at Wat Tham Krabok, a Buddhist temple in Thailand. The film Heroin: Facing the Dragon included a segment about this.

In his autobiography, This is Christy Dignam, which he co-wrote with writer Neil Fetherstonhaugh and was released by Merlin Publishing, Dignam detailed his struggle with heroin addiction.

It “should be required reading for anyone straddling the edges of the drug culture,” according to one reviewer.

Irish Singer Died At The Age Of 63

Irish Singer Dignam died at the age of 63. Dignam initially checked into a hospital with a possible chest infection: pneumonia.

He was identified in March 2013 as having both myeloma, a Cancer that targets plasma cells in the bone marrow, and amyloidosis, a condition in which amyloid proteins accumulate in the body’s organs.

When Dignam regained consciousness, he described experiencing a near-death experience that led to physicians giving him two shots of adrenaline.

Christy Dignam death cause
He was a famous Irish singer. (Source: Dublin Live)

According to Dignam, they had to cut into the side of the neck, directly into the jugular, and down into his heart because there was a blockage in his arm where the adrenaline was entering.

He thought he had passed away for almost a minute, and nothing seemed to matter. Then, all of a sudden, the adrenaline started in his heart again.

To treat the ailment, he had chemotherapy, and as of September 2017, he was still receiving treatment.

He began receiving amyloidosis treatment in 2013, yet he kept performing and attending public appearances until his condition worsened.

Personal Life Of Dignam

Dignam, born on May 23, 1960, at Dublin’s Holles Street Hospital, grew up in the Finglas neighborhood of the city.

At the Bel Canto House School of Singing in Dublin, he received instruction in the classical bel canto singing style from master Frank Merriman.

He was sexually assaulted by a neighbor at the age of six. This went on for three years until, at nine, Dignam asked his best friend’s brother, a guy in his twenties, for assistance.

With his wife Kathryn, who has been married for almost 37 years, Dignam has a daughter, Kiera, who is also a singer.

Ava is his granddaughter, and he has two grandchildren, Cian and Jake. He co-wrote the autobiography My Crazy World with Damian Corless, which Simon & Schuster released globally in September 2019.

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