Cindy Birdsong Illness Have?

People might be worried about Cindy Birdsong’s illness and health status as of 2023. Some fans are eager to know what disease she has been diagnosed with?

Birdsong’s close friends and relatives insist that because of her independent residing in a Los Angeles accommodation, much about her circumstance stays mostly concealed from public view.

According to the records, Cindy lived in the apartment with a longtime friend, Rochelle Lander. She also launched a Christian ministry with a close friend.

In popular culture, Cindy appeared on the PTL Network in the 1980s and got interviewed by Tammy Faye Bakker. Later in the show, she testified by singing a spiritual hymn.

Now let’s see the current health situation of Cindy Birdsong’s illness below!

Cindy Birdsong Illness And Health 2023

Cindy Birdsong, a former Motown artist and member of The Supremes, has been in the news lately due to her declining health.

The 79-year-old singer has suffered several strokes and is now “totally incapacitated.”

Her family has requested that she be put under conservatorship, with her brother and entertainment manager serving as co-conservators.

Cindy Birdsong Health Condition and Illness
Cindy Birdsong (middle) standing with Mary Wilson and Princess Margaret in 1971 at an event. Source: Bettmann/Corbis (

They allege that Birdsong’s longtime friend and previous power of attorney, Rochelle Lander, was isolating her from friends and family and not informing them about her health.

The family discovered that Birdsong was on a feeding tube after finally being able to visit her and had to involve the police to remove her from Lander’s care.

A hearing has been scheduled for August. Birdsong’s later years were filled with personal struggles, including mental breakdowns and being taken in by a friend who reportedly mistreated her.

Cindy Birdsong Health Status and Illness in 2023.
Reliving the glamour of the Supremes Cindy Birdsong and Mary Wilson alongside Princess Margaret in 1971.

However, she rose to stardom in her early twenties and replaced Florence Ballard in The Supremes.

Her contribution to the group’s success and fabulous character helped keep them on track. Her role in The Supremes inspired the fictional musical and film Dreamgirls.

Despite her recent struggles, Birdsong’s legacy as a trailblazing artist will undoubtedly continue to be celebrated for years.

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What Disease Does Cindy Birdsong Have?

Continue reading the article to know if Cindy Birdsong has any disease or illness.

Birdsong is a retired American singer known for her time as a member of The Supremes and Patti LaBelle & the Bluebelles.

Cindy was born as Cynthia Ann Birdsong on December 15, 1939, in Pennsylvania, USA. Birdsong joined The Supremes as a stand-in vocalist for Florence Ballard in 1966 and officially replaced her in 1967.

Cindy Birdsong Disease and Health Status in 2023
Cindy Birdsong is looking so beautiful with those tickling earrings in 1967. Source: Blackcat

Despite not being heard on most of The Supremes’ newer singles, Birdsong performed with Mary Wilson, and the group’s success continued.

Birdsong left The Supremes in 1972 to pursue a solo career, but it was short-lived. Birdsong then had a successful career in the gospel music industry with her ministry.

Throughout her career, Cindy Birdsong has received many awards and accolades for her contributions to music. Moreover, she was also inducted as The Supremes’ honorable member into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988.

Therefore, no evidence suggests that Cindy Birdsong has any disease.

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