Clara Chia Hospital

Gerard Pique current girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti, reportedly went through a lot of stress and had an anxiety ******. The reason for her psychological problem is Shakira’s new song.

Clara Chia Marti is known for her ties with former professional footballer Gerard Pique. The Spanish athlete and Marti have been dating for a few months now.

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It has been reported that the Spanish footballer’s girlfriend recently had an anxiety ****** requiring medical attention.

What happened to Clara Chia? Here is all the available saga related to Gerard Pique’s girlfriend’s health.

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Clara Chia Hospital: Anxiety ****** And Health Update

Clara Chia and Gerard Pique reportedly went through a lot of stress after Shakira (Pique’s ex-girlfriend) made references to them in a new song.

Clara even had been seeking therapy for anxiety and had experienced an ****** that needed the media’s attention.

She had to undergo treatment in a Barcelona hospital after suffering from an anxiety ****** on 31 January 2023.

Clara Chia hospital
Clara Chia recently had an anxiety ****** requiring medical help. (Image Source: Sky Sports)

Laura Fa and Lorena Vazquez disclosed in their podcast “El Periodico” that “Clara traveled to the Hospital Quironsalud, a private clinic in Barcelona. In addition, the setback badly impaired her breathing.

Clara Chia, who has anxiety issues, is getting psychological treatment and frequently visits a clinic, as the Antena 3 show “Y ahora Sonsoles” revealed in the podcast.

After a tough week, the couple reappeared in public and seemed to be in good spirits.

Gerard Pique And Clara Chia Suffered From Shakira Humilation

There was a buzz after Bizarrap and Shakira’s new music was released. According to Marca, substantial repercussions have resulted from the heated lyrics, which include sarcastic quips at Shakira’s ex-partner and his new lover.

Moreover, Shakira’s breakup with footballer Gerard Pique inspired her recent song. Many listeners anticipated new references after the well-known “Te felicito,” but nobody could have predicted the most recent smash.

The song went viral and amassed more than 50 million streams on Spotify. The BZRP Music Sessions Vol 53 poked Clara Chia’s age and Pique’s recent decisions.

Clara Chia Hospital
Gerard Pique and Shakira were together for over a decade and had two sons – Milan and Sasha. (Image Source: U.S. Weekly)

The lyrics include, “I’m worth two 22’s. You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo.” The superstar singer’s music also said, “you traded a Rolex for a Casio,” and “a lot of gyms, but work your brain too.”

Who Is Gerard Piqué’s Girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti?

Gerard Pique began dating Clara Chia just a month after splitting from Shakira.

Though it’s not clear when exactly their bond started. Following their initial public encounter in August 2022, the couple continued their quiet relationship for several months, occasionally appearing in public.

Nevertheless, the duo made headlines despite their efforts to remain anonymous as Shakira allegedly hinted at their relationship in her song “BZRP Music Session #53.”

The Spanish footballer’s current girlfriend is a secret woman. Marti is active on Instagram. But she has kept her account private. Pique’s lady love’s IG account has only five posts and 175 followers.

The smitten couple has been together less than a year. But Pique and Marti have traveled around the world. They visited Spain, France, and the Czech Republic.

During their France visit, the adorable couple stopped in Paris, and the paparazzi spotted them.

Likewise, according to the Daily Mail, they traveled to the Czech Republic with part of Piqué’s family. The duo was also spotted leaving a Marriott hotel in Prague alongside Piqué’s brother Marc and his wife, Maria.

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