Claudette Colvin Death

Claudette Colvin Death News has been public, so viewers are curious to learn more about the civil rights activist. 

Colvin played an essential role in the Civil rights movement; she is known as the American pioneer civil rights movement and retired nurse. 

She was born into an unsettled family, and her parents could not financially support her and her sister.

So she was taken care of by her great aunt and uncle, Mary Anne and Q. P. 

Colvin was born to Mary Jane Gadson and C. P. Austin, and her real name was Claudette Austin.

But after being raised by her great uncle and aunt, she chose to have their last name as Colvin. 

Claudette struggled a lot in her childhood, and she got arrested when she was just 15 because of her skin color. Read further to learn about the case in detail.

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Claudette Colvin Death News

The death news of Colvin, which has been going on the Internet, is untrue; she is alive and is 83. She was born on September 5, 1939.

People often make death hoaxes of well-known personalities to get public attention and views.

Colvin has retired from her job and has been living her life. 

Claudette Colvin Death News
Ms. Colvin in New York on Feb. 5, 2009. (Image Source: NBC News)

Colvin was blessed with a son when she was just a teenager, Raymond Colvin, but he died of a heart attack. 

Colvin was never married, and she never shared about the Father of her child. In 1960, she had her second child Randy; he is married and has four children.

The death news of Colvin might convince people, but she is alive and has been living with her family.

What Happened To The Civil Rights Activist? Arrest And Charge

Colvin got arrested on several charges, including violating the city’s segregation laws for refusing to give the seat to a white woman on the bus.

She was 15 and was returning from her school at the time. 

Colvin was a student at the city’s segregated Booker T. Washington High School. She uses a city bus to travel from home to school. 

Claudette Colvin Arrest
Claudette Colvin kept newspaper clippings about the incident. (Image Source: The Guardian)

Per the rule, they used to leave their seats for White people.

The bus got full; Claudette and three other black women were ordered to leave the center for white women. 

The three women left their seats, but Ruth Hamilton, black and pregnant, got on and sat next to Colvin.

They refused to leave the place of those women and were later charged for that.

Again the driver asked both of them to get up, but the pregnant lady was against it, so Colvin supported her and refused to get up.

After they refused, the driver called the Police officer for further inspection.

Colvin also refused the Policeman, and Thomas J. Ward and Paul Headley forcefully arrested her.

She was sent to jail, where she faced many charges.

Colvin said she was afraid that the Policeman would sexually assault her because they were commenting on her body and bra size.

On May 6, 1955, her charges got dropped, but her family members were proud of her for standing up for her rights.  

After the charges dropped, she completed college and moved to New York City in 1958.

The civil rights activist worked as a nurse assistant in a nursing home since 1958 and retired in 2004.

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