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Taylor Swift is a talented singer and songwriter whose songs are amazing as always, so people are concerned about her song, Clean lyrics and meanings. Everything about the song and its meaning. 

The American singer has been a notable singer from the beginning of her singing career. Besides, she has been active in the music vocation from 2004 to now and has given many hit songs.

In the list of hundreds of songs, one of her songs, Clean, has become a major topic as fans are currently searching for its meanings and the exact implication of the songs.

Taylor released the song Clean around eight years ago, which has millions of views on Youtube. Similalry, in her early music career, she has worked with experienced Music Row songwriters like Troy Verges, Brett Beavers, Brett James, Mac McAnally, and the Warren Brothers. 

Additionally, she is among the most successful and wealthiest singers in the American music industry, having a net worth of $ 400 million. 

Clean Taylor Swift Lyrics Meaning Explained

The son named Clean by Taylor Swift was released in 2014, and its genre is pop. She has already written many songs about love and heartbreak. Clean is all about what happens after the love and after the heartbreak.

This song is many people’s favorite, and since its release, it has stayed in people’s minds. So, they have different meanings and have shared their thoughts regarding this song.

taylor swift
Taylor Swift’s song named Clean is one of her massive hits. (Source: YouTube)

One of Taylor’s fans says this song’s lyrics not only apply to romantic relationships but also something else as well. The song means finally being free from something that used to torment you. 

Likewise, the song has tried to show the journey of coming off drugs and the associated relationship. A struggle to let go of both so intertwined a loss. 

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What Is Taylor Swift Song Clean Is About?

As mentioned earlier, the song Clean by Taylor Swift is about the afterlife of love and breakup. Taylor has also talked about this song in many interviews. 

Speaking with Tavi Gevinson for the June issue of Elle, Taylor opened up about what inspired the tune Clean, widely thought to be about her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles. 

Furthermore, this song is from her album named 1989, and her whole album tells a story, starting with Welcome to New York and ending with this song. 

taylor swift clean
Taylor Swift’s song Clean’s lyrics are loved by many. (Source: Whitepaper Lyrics)

The entire time she’s been going back and forth with one guy the entire time, but then she lets him go one day. She also wants to portray that she has lost someone but has found herself, which is a good part of her life.

It’s raw emotion, and it’s beautiful. The hit song closes the album perfectly and on a bittersweet note. Many of her fans and followers have related this song in their life. 

The outro of this song says, “(Oh, oh) Finally clean, Think I’m finally clean (Oh, oh) Oh-oh, oh-oh (Oh, oh, oh), Think I’m finally clean.”

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Who Is Taylor Swift Boyfriend Now?

Taylor Swift has gone through many heartbreaks in her life, and due to her song, Clean, fans are concerned about her current boyfriend. It is reported that she is in a relationship with actor Joe Alwyn.

taylor swift boyfriend
Taylor Swift and her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, were spotted together. (Source: Harpers Bazaar)

However, she has preferred to keep their love life away from the limelight. Furthermore, Swift has also released a song dedicated to her boyfriend, Joe; the song’s name is Lavender Haze. 

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