Clermont Twins Plastic Surgery

American Twins has raised several questions among admirers regarding surgeries while comparing past pictures. Check out Clermont Twins Before Plastic Surgery via this article.

Shannon and Shannade Clermont, famed as the Clermont twins, are America-based models, content creators, influencers, fashion designers, and television personalities who hold a higher command in the Fashion industry.

Clermont twins rose to success after their media attention from their appearances on the fourteenth season of the reality television series Bad Girls Club.

Since 2015, the renowned fashion twins have developed an extensive online and social media presence.

Indeed, Modeling and fashion industry celebrities often remain in the talk due to the surgeries and beauty upgrades therapies; American Model Twins are also listed among them.

After winning a six-month program at an acting and modeling school, the Clermont twins served as stand-ins for television shows, including Tyler Perry’s House of Payne.

Did Clermont Twins Perform Plastic Surgery?

The Clermont twins are identical twins who began modeling when they were 14. 

Yes, looking at the older pictures, one can vividly compare teh differences in their photos.

A video clip of the Clermont twins getting their lips plumped, or botox, or whatever they were doing to their face; this go-round popped up on social media, leaving fans shaking their heads.

Clermont Twins Before Plastic Surgery
Following their appearances on Bad Girls Club, speculation regarding the Claremont twins’ changed appearances began.(Source:Latest news)

Sources claim, The Clermont twins know that the more surgery they get, the more attention they get. It’s wholly intentional and for money purposes.” 

Another source showed their concern about Twins and revealed, “he is all for cosmetic surgery, but I worry about The Clermont Twins, Aubrey O’Day, and others who are constantly morphing and changing. I want them to feel like they’re enough Woozy face bc eventually it goes wrong.”

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Clermont Twins Look Before And After Plastic Surgery

Following their appearances on Bad Girls Club, speculation regarding the Claremont twins’ changed appearances began.

Clermont Twins Before and After Clermont Twins have become known after their debut in the show The Bad Gals Club, and there are rumors regarding their plastic surgery as the sisters look a lot different.

Clermont Twins Plastic Surgery
Comparing the twin’s before and after images, it’s sure that the two sisters underwent major transformations over the years. (Source: Weight and Skin)

The Twins have since acknowledged that they have undergone cosmetic surgery for “everything besides [their] boobs,” including the buttock, cheek, chin, and lip augmentations.

Clermont’s lawyer Jeffrey Lichtman stated that the twins began the Clermont Foundation for mental health after Shannade experienced suicidal thoughts from the legal proceedings.

In January 2018, The Clermont twins’ public profile significantly increased after being featured in Kanye West’s “Yeezy Season 6” collection. Shannon and Shannade appeared alongside models, including Paris Hilton, as “clones” of Kim Kardashian.

Clermont Twins Family: Meet Her Parents

Shannon and Shannade Clermont were born to their parents in Montclair, New Jersey, on March 21, 1994. 

As per their Wikipedia details, Clermont’s parents are both immigrants.

The Clermonts twins of five siblings, with one sister and two brothers. Their parents are both immigrants.

Their mother is from Jamaica and operates a daycare; their Father is from Haiti and owns a moving Company.

Shannon and Shannade developed an interest in fashion from their aunt, a fashion designer in New York City

Despite receiving full college scholarships in Georgia, Shannon attended the Fashion Institute of Technology for fashion merchandising, and Shannade attended Parsons School of Design for strategic design. However, the twins graduated with bachelor’s degrees in 2016,

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