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The British journalist Clive Myrie’s wife, Catherine Myri, illness is a trending topic lately. Fans are curious to know about Catherine’s health update in 2023. 

Clive Myrie is a famous and well-known journalist, newsreader and presenter from England. Myrie has been working at BBC since August 2021. 

The journalist has been the long-running BBC quiz show Mastermind and Celebrity Mastermind host for the past few years. More, Clive started his journalism career at BBC in 1987. 

Myrie is currently known for his successful journalism career, and in 1996 he became a BBC foreign correspondent and has reported from more than 80 countries.

Along with that, he has also been honored with multiple awards, including winning nominations for his work. Most greatly, Myrie and the BBC team were nominated in Bafta for coverage of the Mozambique floods in 2000. 

Additionally, in 2016, Clive also won an honorary doctorate from Staffordshire University. And was awarded a “Doctor of the University” degree by the University of Sussex.

Clive Myrie Wife Illness: What Happened To Catherine Myri?

Clive Myrie’s wife, Catherine Myri’s illness has been one of the frequently asked questions which have grabbed the fan’s attention over the past few days. 

As we know, Myrie is married to his wife, Catherine. Besides, Catherine has also been one of the greatest reasons behind the journalist’s success. 

So, while discussing Catherine’s illness, there are no details. Neither Clive nor Catherine has talked about the ailment so far.

Clive Myrie wife
The fans speculated Clive Myrie’s wife, Catherine Myrie, was ill. (Source: The Guardian)

Similarly, Clive has never shared any information about his wife’s illness or that she is battling prolonged diseases. Therefore, the details of Catherine’s illness remain unclear and might be updated later. 

Netizens noticed a scar on Clive’s neck and speculated if his scars if from his neck surgery. As the journalist never confirmed the news and talked about it, the speculation hasn’t been confirmed yet, as this might also be a hoax. 

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Catherine Myri Health Update In 2023

Catherine Myri, the wife of one famous journalist, Clive Myrie, was rumored to be ill and battling health problems lately. 

On the other hand, Catherine must be doing okay, as there are no details of her having any health problems lately, so we believe that Catherine is fine and living a healthy life. 

As said earlier, non-Catherine nor Clive has talked about this topic, so we have nothing much to cover regarding her illness as the official details are yet to update. 

Clive Myrie
Clive Myrie served as the hots of the BBC’s show The Mastermind and Celebrity Mastermind. (Source: Walse Online)

Like Catherine, her husband, Clive, also failed under the same rumors back then, but the reporter is doing great and is focusing on his working life. 

Therefore, Catherine might have fallen into the online illness hoax like other celebrities created by fans and online users to seek attention. 

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When Did Clive Myrie And Catherine Myri Get Married?

Catherine Myrie and Clive Myrie are believed to be a long-term married couple the exact date and details of their wedding remain missing at the moment. 

While exploring their relationship details, the duo met for the first time at the launch of a book on Swiss cheeses in 1992. Professionally, Catherine is an upholsterer and furniture restorer. 

Clive Myrie
Clive Myrie and his wife, Catherine Myrie, attend an event. (Source: The Times)

As per the reports, the lovebirds tied the wedding knot six years after their first meeting. However, this remains unknown if the married couple had any kids as they have never shared about it online.

Although the reporter once revealed that they don’t have kids and will be looking forward to enlarging the Myri family.

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