David Latten Accident

Get insights on David Latten accident, which is linked to his ***** cause. His family is devasted by the news and mourning his loss.

David Latten was a devoted father and a loving husband from the Clonakilty community in the Republic of Ireland. 

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The ***** of David devastated the Latten family, and now they had to deal with the horrible loss of a loving family member.

Nobody enjoys losing someone they care about since the grief that comes with it is painful for everyone and can leave rifts in families that last a lifetime.

Despite being aware of the situation, people are never ready to say goodbye to a loved one for good.

The facts surrounding the resident from terrible demise continue to confound some people. David’s departure has been mourned by the entire state of Clonakilty owing to his invaluable services to his community.

One of Clonakilty’s most active residents, the 44-year-old was a perfect family member. As a result, his passing devastated the entire community.

Clonakilty: David Latten Accident Linked To ***** Cause

A shocking accident at a well-known West Cork beauty site claimed the life of a DAD in his 40s on Saturday night.

The man, 44-year-old David Latten of Clonakilty, was camped on the island of Cape Clear, which lies off the coast of Cork. When the football went over the cliff, the father-of-three was playing football with his family at the time.

He may have fallen on damp rocks while attempting to catch the ball, severely injuring his head. His wife got worried when he didn’t come home and began seeking him.

David Latten Accident
David Latten died in a tragic accident on Cape Clear on July 1, 2023. (Source: Southern Star)

Both the neighborhood coastguard bases and the emergency services received notices. The rescue helicopter 115 from Shannon was called in to help with the search by the coastguard station on Valencia Island.

The Baltimore RNLI boat went to the side of the island where Mr. Latten was last seen. While this happened, a sailor in a rib noticed a body on rocks below the cliffs and alerted the authorities.

The crew found and carried the body to the Baltimore lifeboat station, where a local doctor declared him dead.

According to a statement from Baltimore RNLI, Valentia Coast Guard asked that they launch last night at 8.10 pm as a result of information that someone was in the ocean off Cape Clear in West Cork.

They said, “Both the all-weather and inshore lifeboats were launched, and lifeboat workers removed a person from the water and transported them aboard the inshore lifeboat.

They returned to the Baltimore lifeboat station before giving the subject to emergency personnel.

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Clonakilty David Latten Obituary: The 44-Year-Old’s Final Rites

A “devoted father” and “much-loved husband,” David Latten has received a flood of tributes after passing away on Saturday in Cork as a result of an accident.

However, David’s obituary details have not been published by his family. It might take some time for his formal obituary to appear online.

After being brought to Cork University Hospital, Mr. Latten’s remains underwent a postmortem examination, which was finished on July 3.

David Latten Accident
David Latten, 44, of Clonakilty, had been camping at Cape Clear, a well-known Irish tourist destination. (Source: The Irish Sun)

The tragedy is being investigated by Gardai, who are treating it as a sad accident. The Coroner will get a file later for an inquest.

He resided in Clonakilty with his wife, a local general practitioner and the daughter-in-law of revered former minister and retired TD Jim O’Keeffe.

The 44-year-old oversaw the Supplier Diversity Program for the American corporation, which has its main offices in Silicon Valley and Switzerland and served as its Head of Global Indirect Procurement.

The abrupt and unexpected loss of such a well-respected and esteemed colleague startled coworkers at the IT behemoth, which has hundreds of employees at its base in Cork City.

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