John King Sick

CNN anchor John King revealed that he has multiple sclerosis and is immunocompromised during Covid-19. 

John King is an American news anchor who is CNN’s chief national correspondent. He is involved in the political discussion program Inside Politics.

He began working for CNN in 1997, and from that time until 2005, he was the network’s senior White House correspondent.

Then, in 2005 he was named CNN’s chief national correspondent, and he still is in the position. 

Currently, he hosts the weekly CNN morning show Inside Politics; he has been with the morning show for almost ten years. 

CNN: Is John King Sick?

In the present day, he seems to live a healthy life, but he still does have multiple sclerosis. He has been diagnosed with MS for thirteen years.

John has no other problems with his body; he has MS, which will stay with him forever. 

The solution to the problem is to calm yourself and just deal with it properly. When King learned he had MS, he realized how cruel the disease was.

He mentioned that he was scared for his life when he first had the symptoms. But he took it easy when he got to know more and did some research.

Although he still has MS, he has been dealing with it properly and is doing fine and living a healthy life.

Recent Picture of John King in which he looks fine.
Recent Picture of John King in which he looks fine. (Image Source: The Sun)

King does not seem weak during the morning show; he has always been the same after knowing the problem. 

Illness And Health: What Happened To John King?

John King has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis for a long time and is immunocompromised.

He shared his problem with the public during Covid; he requested a vaccine for everyone. John said that vaccination does not only help them, but it will help people like him as well.

When he caught the symptoms, it was more of a numbness, tingling, the feeling my legs were heavy like lead or nonresponsive.

He hid his problem from the public for almost 13 years, he spoke up because the medications he takes to treat his MS compromise his immune system, so I’m at higher risk of COVID-19. 

Covid mainly affects people with a low immune system; having a standard immune system during the disease also leads to death of the person.

He has not recovered fully from MS, so he still has problems picking up things to have a firm grip. 

The MS will always be with him; the problem with MS is mostly the numbness of a body part, leading to slowly numbing every piece.

Additionally, when he went to the doctors about his problem, they thought these issues were related to the damage he had in a few discs in his lower back.

His bones are getting old with him, and the medication is also making it harder for his body than he thought. He has been living with his problem of MS, but he has been living a healthy life.

Although the disease has been creating problems for his body, he seems to live a good life without fear.

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Net Worth of John King

According to the Source, the current net worth of John King is $7 million, and he has been earning through his profession as an anchor.

His net worth increases yearly; his salary is $2 million, which will get higher annually.

John King Covering 2022 Election on CN
John King Covering 2022 Election on CN. (Source: Vulture)

Also, he might have another source of income, like business and investments, which he has not shared with the public yet.

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