Coco Lee

Coco Lee Autopsy report is still pending, and her fans have been searching for her death photo. Let’s get to know everything about the late singer.

Coco Lee was one of the most loved musicians from Hong Kong. Besides that, she was also a talented actress, dancer, and singer who worked in the entertainment line for a long time.

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As a singer, Lee released 18 studio albums, two live albums, and five compilation albums. Her first English-language album, named Just No Other Way, was loved by many.

Furthermore, Lee also appeared in various films and tv shows that helped her gain massive name and fame. Some of her tv appearances can be seen in Dancing With the Stars China, The Jin Xing Show, and World’s Got Talent.

Sadly, Coco took her own life and passed away at the age of 48. Following the tragic news, people want to know the reason behind her suicide, but before that, fans want to know her autopsy report.

Coco Lee Autopsy and Death Photo Explored

Coco Lee autopsy is still pending at the time of this post, but it may get updated soon. Following her demise, people are searching for Lee’s death photo, but it has not been shared due to privacy concerns.

For your information, Lee attempted suicide on July 2, 2023, and was admitted to Queen Mary Hospital in an unconscious state. Three days later, on July 5, she took her last breath.

Coco Lee Autopsy
The autopsy report of Coco Lee remains pending. ( Source: People )

Until her demise, she was said to be in a coma, and the doctors couldn’t save her. Her sister confirmed the tragic news, which shocked the world, and it was also revealed that her funeral would be delayed to at least August.

It was due to the reason of autopsy, which will detail more about Lee’s death cause. As of now, it remains unclear when the report will get updated, but more info will be given soon.

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Why Did Coco Lee Kill Herself?

The reason behind Coco Lee attempting suicide has not been shared, but it has been reported that the actress dealt with various problems in her life, mainly her mental health.

Reportedly, Coco was dealing with depression. Some rumors circulating on the web say Coco’s mental health rose due to her husband’s secret affair with younger partners.

Coco Lee
Coco Lee was dealing with her mental health before her death. ( Source: New Straits Times )

Many have blamed her husband of 12 years, Bruce, but none of the rumors can be confirmed. Apart from that, Lee was also said to have battled with cancer which shocked the world.

Her sister and ex-manager Nancy disclosed that Lee was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2022. Following her diagnosis, she underwent surgery but kept her illness from their mother as she did not want her to worry.

Coco Lee Illness and Health Condition

Coco Lee had an illness that she secretly battled. As stated earlier, Lee was diagnosed with breast cancer, which was confirmed by her sister in 2022.

In addition to that, Lee was also dealing with depression. Not only that, but Lee had to undergo surgery to fix an old injury in February 2023.

Coco Lee Illness
Coco Lee reportedly had breast cancer. ( Source: Variety )

For your information, Lee was born with a defect in her left leg. At the young age of two, she underwent surgery which failed to correct the problem. It caused her to rely on her right leg for support for most of her life.

In October 2022, she had a leg injury during dance practice. On March 8, 2023, Coco revealed she had surgery on her pelvis and thigh in Hong Kong. 

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