Coco Lee death

Coco Lee weight loss sparked severe health concerns a few months before her ***** at the age of 47. 

Ferren “Coco” Lee was a Hong Kong–born American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, and actress.

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Her professional career began in Hong Kong and spread to Taiwan and other countries.

To her credit, Lee had 18 studio albums, two live albums, and five compilation albums, including Just No Other Way, her debut English-language album.

Her song “Do You Want My Love” gained worldwide recognition after peaking at number 50 on the Australian Singles List and the US Billboard Dance Club Playlist.

The Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon song “A Love Before Time” was sung by Lee at the 73rd Academy Awards, making him the first Chinese American to do so. Lee also served as Chanel’s first Chinese ambassador.

Although she acknowledged that losing her voice to bronchitis in 2014 had impaired her singing talent, she participated in the fourth season of the Chinese reality show I Am A Singer in 2016.

However, the singer recovered and continued to compete, winning the event and being the first non-mainland Chinese vocalist to do so.

Coco Lee Weight Loss Before *****: Sparked Health Concerns Early This Year

American diva Coco Lee’s lengthy New Year’s Eve 2023 social media message and numerous images raised questions about her health. They had tattooed “love” and “faith” in pictures on her arms.

She said in December 2022 that she had sorely needed “love and faith – her two favorite words that she carries strongly in her heart and which the diva desperately needed to get through this tough year.”

Coco Lee weight loss
Singer Coco Lee’s 42kg weight raised health worries after being spotted with a drainage bag on her body in early 2023. (Source: The New Paper)

According to the beautiful actress, “Life looked insurmountable at times. Still, I adopted the mindset of a “female warrior” to confront them boldly while maintaining the largest smile and the loudest laughing at all times.”

Without further explanation, the 47-year-old singer also shared pictures of herself weighing 42.3kg and what appeared to be a drainage bag on her torso.

Many worried admirers wished Lee a swift recovery and urged her to take care in their comments under her post. Others questioned if she was hurt or had recently undergone surgery.

Lee, whose most recent single, Playboy, was released in November, admitted that she was still healing from an injury and could not dance then.

In November 2022, she posted on social media, “I hope to see you guys dance to this song for me.” But in her post on New Year’s Eve, Lee sounded upbeat.

“My objective for 2023 is to share my life experience and demonstrate how I overcame significant obstacles that changed my outlook on life.”

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Coco Lee Plastic Surgery Rumours: Did The American Singer Undergo Face Surgery?

Many believed that the American singer Coco Lee underwent plastic surgery following her *****, completely unknown about her weight loss journey a few months back. 

Lee’s plastic surgery rumors are not true, and her face just appeared to be different due to the massive weight loss, making her 42 kgs at that time. 

However, this is not the only time the American diva was subjected to rumors of plastic surgery.

Coco Lee plastic surgery
Fans complained that Coco Lee, 47, had a “too stiff” face, and rumors of plastic surgery began circulating in early 2022. (Source: 8days)

Back in early 2022, observers on the internet claimed that Coco’s face appeared “too stiff” and “overly plastic” as she took the stage in the Spring Festival Gala.

Unsurprisingly, online rumors about her having recently undergone surgery or received Botox injections, which prevented her from “making natural facial expressions,” immediately spread like wildfire.

But the rumors were untrue even back then, as the actress never mentioned undergoing any kind of surgery. 

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