Ellen Ochoa Husband

Find out more about the first Hispanic woman astronaut Ellen Ochoa husband and family below.

Ellen Ochoa is a former astronaut of American nationality. The 65-year-old engineer is a former director of the Johnson Space Center.

Ellen became a director on 31 December 2012, when Michael Coats announced his retirement. She was Johnson Space Center’s second female director and first Hispanic director.

Ochoa completed a nine-day trip on board the orbit Shuttle Discovery in 1993, becoming the first Hispanic woman in space.

The astronaut has been making a buzz recently. Many of Ochoa’s fans wonder if she is married and has kids. Here are all the details about the astronaut’s personal life.

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Who Is Coe Miles, Ellen Ochoa Husband? Married Life And Kids

Ellen Ochoa is happily married to her husband, Coe Fulmer Miles. The astronaut’s husband is an intellectual property attorney.

The married duo is the proud parents of two sons. One of them is named Wilson. 

Ellen met her spouse, Coe Miles, while she was working at the Ames Research Center. Miles was also a research scientist at NASA. The pair fell in love and eventually got married in 1990.

In 1998, Ellen gave birth to Wilson, her first child. She made her third voyage to space a year later. In 2002, Ochoa and her husband welcomed their second and youngest son.

Ellen Ochoa Husband
Ellen Ochoa with her first child, Wilson Miles-Ocha, in June 1999. (Image Source: WAMS)

In 2002, after having a second son, the 65-year-old returned to space. She carried on working for NASA, rising to the position of Johnson Space Center deputy director in 2007.

In 2013, the astronaut received a promotion to center director. She was the second woman to occupy the director role and the first Latina. She left NASA in 2018 to join the National Science Board, where she has been a member since 2020 and served as chair from 2020.

Ellen Ochoa Is From Los Angeles, California

Born on 10 May 1958, Ellen Ochoa is a native of Los Angeles, California. Ochoa was born to her parents, Joseph and Rosanne Ochoa.

Talking about her ethnicity, Ochoa’s paternal grandparents migrated to Arizona from Sonora, Mexico. Eventually, Ellen’s grandparents moved to California. That’s where the astronaut’s father was born.

Ellen grew up with her mom and dad in La Mesa, California. She is the middle child of five. Moreover, neither of her parents went to college.

Still, they, particularly her mother, valued education. The astronaut’s parents must incredibly proud of her.

Ellen Ochoa Husband
Ellen Ochoa’s parents divorced when she was in high school. (Image Source: NASA)

Her mother and father went their separate way when she was in high school. Afterward, the former director of the Johnson Space Center lived with her mom and brothers.

In 1975, Ochoa completed her studies at Grossmont High School in El Cajon.

Ellen Ochoa graduated Phi Beta Kappa from San Diego State University in 1980 with a bachelor of science in physics.

She then went to Stanford University’s Department of Electrical Engineering, earning her master’s and Ph.D. degrees in 1981 and 1985, respectively.

Ochoa discovered her passion for subjects like physics, engineering, and math while attending San Diego State University, and she finally chose to major in physics.

Ellen Ochoa Became Astronaut In 1991

The California native submitted an application for the NASA Astronaut program in 1985. But it was taken into account only in 1987.

She was chosen for an interview but was not chosen as an astronaut. Ellen maintained her application up to date, obtained her pilot’s license to gather experience, and was called to interview again during the subsequent selection process.

Finally, Ochoa was selected to be a member of the astronaut class 1990.

The 65-year-old was chosen by NASA in January 1990, and in July 1991, she was appointed an astronaut.

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