Colin Armstrong Wife

The news of Colin Armstrong wife has been crucial at this time as the information about her confidante being involved in the kidnapping has been disclosed.

Colin Armstrong, a wealthy British businessman and former honorary consul, was abducted by criminals in Ecuador from his ranch home.

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Colin shared that ranch house with his Colombian girlfriend Katherine Paola Santos, the 78-year-old was rescued in a secret operation.

However, Santos, facing police questioning, is under scrutiny amid suspicions that she may have provided false information about her identity.

Armstrong, known for establishing Agripac and owning the Tupgill Park Estate, was found safe after the kidnapping on December 16, 2023.

Colin and Katherine were taken by individuals disguised as police officers from his Guayaquil residence, using a black BMW later found abandoned.

Katherine is being questioned after reappearing at Colin’s son Nick’s residence, wearing a bomb vest, following the kidnapping.

Although the bomb disposal team removed the vest, Katherine reportedly left the scene.

Before Colin’s abduction, Katherine posted pictures posing with her boyfriend.

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Colin Armstrong Wife Or Girlfriend, Katherine Paola Santos?

Katherine Paola Santos is the girlfriend of Colin Armstrong. 

While information about Armstrong’s wife is limited, he is believed to be married to an Ecuadorian woman.

Armstrong has been romantically linked to Katherine Paola Santos for an extended period.

According to Times Now, Santos, originally from Colombia, frequently posted numerous pictures with Colin before their abduction.

Reports suggest that Katherine and Colin traveled to various destinations in recent months, including Los Angeles, safari holidays, and cruise trips.

Colin Armstrong Wife
Katherine Paola Santos is the girlfriend of Colin Armstrong (Source: Daily Express)

Following Colin Armstrong’s kidnapping, it has come to light that Katherine Paola Santos was born in Barranquilla, Colombia.

Furthermore, she had surgeries to enhance her feminine appearance; her original name was Alberto Santos.

Thankfully, Ecuadorian police have rescued Colin, and about nine individuals are now in custody on suspicion of kidnapping and extortion, as reported by The Telegraph.

Prosecutors and police in Ecuador are now investigating her involvement in Colin Armstrong’s abduction.

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More On Colin Armstrong: Kids Diana And Nick

Colin Armstrong has two children, Diana and Nick. Diana Armstrong-Bruns, his daughter, is a California-based real estate agent.

She made an emotional plea for her missing father, stating that it was a critical time as they were denied of talking to anyone.

Moreover, she said that she wants her father back.

In response to the situation, Armstrong’s son Nick has traveled to Ecuador to aid the police in locating his father.

Nick, who manages the family estate in North Yorkshire, is leveraging his extensive network of contacts for the search.

Colin Armstrong has achieved prominence as the founder of the agricultural company Agripac, which was established in 1972, as reported by The Independent.

Colin Armstrong Wife
Colin Armstrong has two children, Diana and Nick, and an adopted son (Source: The Sun)

Additionally, he owns the Tupgill Park Estate in Coverdale, where his son Nick serves as the estate director.

The Tupgill Park Estate, visited by approximately 150,000 people annually, sports a complex known as Forbidden Corner, comprising tunnels, chambers, and other features.

In 2011, Colin was honored with an OBE and CMG. Furthermore, he has served as an honorary consul, supporting British interests in Guayaquil.

The Tupgill Park Estate, a 500-acre property near Leyburn, has served as the family residence for over four decades, with Nick and Colin serving as directors of the estate.

Colin Armstrong also has an adopted son, Leo Morris, who assists in running a restaurant at the family’s Yorkshire estate.

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