Lonnie Frisbee Wife

Lonnie Frisbee Wife Connie Frisbee is originally from California, USA. However, Connie Frisbee and Lonnie got separated in 1973.

Connie Frisbee was one of the most important aspects of Lonnie’s life. The lad was a devoted Christian who was involved in several revolutionary movements in the past concerning Christians’ beliefs.

Lonnie had a tough upbringing as his early life was not as simper as ordinary kids. According to a statement given by his brother, the lad was sexually assaulted by a male babysitter at the age of eight.

While struggling to find peace, he met his dearest wife, Connie, in the 1960s. They were madly in love and had planned to spend the rest of their lives together. However, things didn’t go as planned, and the lovely couple parted ways in 1973.

Who is Connie Frisbee? Wikipedia

Connie Frisbee is not available on Wikipedia as of now, but she is widely mentioned on the Wikipedia page of her former husband.

Besides that, she is also widely covered by various online blogs and news portals. However, because she tends to make a minimal public or internet appearance, very little is known about her now.

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According to sources, Connie fled from her home at 13 to escape the toxic environment. She then joined various gangs that were actively involved in the trafficking of drugs.

Lonnie Frisbee Wife
Lonnie Frisbee was a popular Charismatic evangelist (Christianpost)

Later, she met Lonnie while residing in Silverado Canyon, California. They had lots of things in common which was very helpful in developing the relationship, which they enjoyed for a fair amount of time.

However, the relationship couldn’t see a happy ending as the lady got involved with another man while being a wife to Lonnie.

Because of this, the pair eventually called off their relationship in 1973.

Lonnie Frisbee Wife Connie Frisbee Age

Connie Frisbee hasn’t specifically mentioned her age in the media. But judging by her appearance, the lady seems to be in her late 70s.

The lady has isolated herself from the public to avoid unnecessary media attention; hence, very little is known about her. As mentioned before, the former couple met each other in the 1960s. Their characters matched instantly as both shared interests in similar subjects.

She also grew up in a very toxic environment. As the lady recalled in one of her interviews, her mother beat her naked when she was 13.

Connie was also a drug addict before meeting her then-husband. She was addicted to LSD and marijuana, which had made her life hell. Likewise, she also mentioned that she became a hippie because of her upbringing and the environment she grew up in.

After the horrendous behavior of her alcoholic mother and drug-addict stepfather, she ran away from her house to escape the trauma she was facing daily.

She later joined motorcycle gangs and got involved in the trafficking of drugs, mainly LSD and hashish. After being influenced by the environment, she also started consuming those drugs, which she still regrets.

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Where Is Connie Frisbee Now?

Connie probably resides in the USA, but her actual whereabouts are unknown. Her most recent appearance on the internet was in a YouTube video uploaded on January 31, 2023.

In that video, Connie was interviewed with a news reporter where she expressed her disappointment towards statements given by Chuck Smith concerning Lonnie Frisbee.

Lonnie Frisbee Wife
Connie Frisbee was dissatisfied with a statement given by Chuck Smith concerning Lonnie (Youtube)

Her relationship with Lonnie had turned sour during the early 1970s as it was believed the lady was involved in an extra-marital affair with the lad’s pastor. Moreover, sources claim Connie later tied the knot with the pastor after separating from her former husband in 1973.

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