Connor McDavid

A Tattoo with Connor McDavid’s face drawn by one of Connor’s fans became a hot topic after the Tattoo went viral on social media. 

Connor McDavid is a well-known professional ice hockey player from Canada. He also serves as the captain of the Edmonton Oilers of the National Hockey League (NHL).

Many people and colleagues in the news media consider him the best player. He’s been renowned with the nickname ‘The Next One’ after being compared to Mario Lemieux, Wayne Gretzky, and Sidney Crosby.

Since childhood, Connor has played the game often with children considerably older than him.

For his group, the Erie Otters, Connor has won numerous awards and honors. Later, in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft, the Edmonton Oilers selected McDavid first.

Despite being out for his early professional career because of injuries, he continued to progress consistently and got his team to the showdown last season. He also won three gold medals for his country Canada. 

Connor McDavid Tattoo And Face

NHL fans got a sightly creative to show their love, respect, and support. Following an Edmonton Oilers fan’s purchase of a modified Ferrari to express his love for Connor McDavid, another fan decided to surpass him.

A fan got a very accurate and realistic tattoo of the Oilers captain. After McDavid explored it on social media, he couldn’t shout out-out to one of his fans.

The Instagram user goes by the handle “kyleghostkeeper.” How accurate and true to life this portrayal of McDavid is in The Tattoo is astounding. The chin strap and eyebrows are visible, showcasing the amazing attention to detail.

 Connor McDavid
The fan goes the extra mile with a Connor McDavid tattoo on his right thigh (Source: N.B.C. Sports)

Furthermore, while having a tattoo like this could offend some famous people, McDavid seems amazed and even slightly humbled by it.

According to the artist who did the Tattoo, Dongkyu Lee, it took 17 hours to complete.

A tattoo artist at FY Ink in Toronto got a large portrait of the Edmonton Oilers captain inked on his right thigh, which he proudly showed off Thursday.

The photo caught the attention of McDavid, who shared it on his own Instagram account

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How Long Is Edmonton Oilers Captain Hair?

Similarly, talking about Edmonton Oilers Captain Connor’s hair, he has a light golden brown hair color.

Talking about the length of the hair, he had grown it a bit longer as he had not tried it for four to five months.

His hair length somewhere covers the ear, whereas his back hair nearly touches the shoulder. He mostly does the middle partition of his hair.

Corron McDavid
McDavid admits he’s been “chirped” for his hairstyle (Source: Bardown)

When asked about Connor’s hair stylist, he replied, “This girl is Shayla in Edmonton. And then I had this guy, Moe, that did it for a bit. But I’m growing it out right now. So I haven’t had it cut in four or five months at least.”

Moreover, Oilers superstar Connor McDavid admits he’s been “chirped” for his hairstyle and clothing selections and his team’s poor play a year ago.

Connor McDavid’s Career 

Connor McDavid’s ice hockey career got off to a jittery start after he lost his first two games against the St. Louis Blues and Dallas Stars. Unfortunately, he also crippled his clavicle, compelling him to miss 37 games.

On February 2, 2016, McDavid returned to ice hockey with a goal and two aid against the Columbus Blue Jackets. Moreover, he cataloged his first five-point night against his hometown’s Toronto Maple Leafs.

McDavid was listed third for the Calder Memorial Trophy as the NHL’s ‘Rookie of the Year even though he played only 45 games that season.

At 19, Connor became Captain of the Oilers on October 5, 2016. However, they gave McDavid NHL’s youngest captain title. 

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