Corey Harrison

Fans are worried about Corey Harrison stroke rumors as the news is trending around the internet. 

Richard Corey, a.k.a. Corey Harrison, is a cast member of the History TV show Pawn Stars, which features his work at the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. He co-owns with his father, Rick Harrison, an American businessman and reality television celebrity.

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Harrison, also known as “Big Hoss,” began working at the store when he was nine.

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He subsequently managed the shop’s daily operations and 30 staff members. He was the customer that spent the most money in the store, and Rick is preparing him to take over the business eventually. 

Harrison frequently clashes with his father and grandfather in Pawn Stars’ plots because he understands the store’s merchandise.

Corey Harrison Stroke Rumors: Is He Sick?

Rumors of Corey Harrison stoke is just a rumor. He is doing well and enjoying his life. No health issue is to be discussed. But, he had a near-***** experience in 2014. 

Corey avoided a severe motorbike collision. When he was on his way to make a supply run for the birthday celebration that his family and friends were throwing for him, he threw himself off his motorcycle to escape a severe collision. The bike spun out because the bottom fender mount broke off. 

Corey Harrison Stroke
Corey Harrison With His Dad Rick And ChumLee (Source: Instagram)

Instead of going to the hospital immediately, Corey returned to the celebration. He eventually found himself in the emergency room, where he had his hand surgically fixed with eight screws and two plates.

Corey Harrison Health Update

Corey Harrison’s health is fine, as he had a significant weight surgery. 

Harrison altered his lifestyle after learning he was pre-diabetic at an eye-opening doctor’s visit. “Literally, I’m driving home from the doctor’s office, sort of stressed out about it, and I see the facility where they do lap band [surgeries], and I just stopped in and said, ‘What does it take to have the surgery?'” 

Harrison said on Good Morning America. At the time, I didn’t have a lot of money. There you go! I took out four credit cards and charged money to those.

Harrison’s weight decreased from 400 to 200 pounds due to the surgery. He also changed his lifestyle to incorporate exercise and a healthy diet.

Corey Harrison Stroke
Corey Harrison Before And After Weight Loss (Source: Instagram)

He stated: “I can only fit four to five ounces of food in my stomach, he said. You don’t want to cram it full of junk when there is so much room.”

Chumlee had the impression that “we were going to be obese people together forever or whatever,” but as I started dropping weight, Chumlee also started doing so, Corey remembered. You know I’m proud of him. With diet and exercise, he managed to lose over 100 pounds.

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Corey offered a wisecrack when asked if Chumlee looked as lovely as he did. Of course not, he jokingly said. He’s the assistant! Look at that.

Chumlee, on the other hand, discussed his weight loss in a 2014 interview with People. Chumlee told the magazine, “it was time for me to get healthy.”

Also, he stated, “I began at 320 pounds, but I’m now down to 225. I first cut off all processed foods except for mustard. My new slogan is “Everything in moderation.”

Meanwhile, Corey informed the publication that he had received congratulations for losing weight from followers. 

‘You look exactly like that guy from Pawn Stars, but you are a lot skinnier and better looking than him,’ they say. I assert, “Believe me, if I were to pose as someone, it wouldn’t be that Pawn Stars guy.

Corey Harrison Wife: Is The Pawn Star Married? 

Harrison, like his father, Rick, has been through two divorces and has not always had the best luck in love. His first marriage was to his high school sweetheart, Charlene. Their wedding was in 2009, and their divorce was in 2015.

Although an official explanation was withheld from the public, it is rumored that Harrison’s hectic schedule and propensity for partying were to blame.

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Harrison wed Korina “Kiki” Harrison for the second time in 2017. This one-year marriage ended pleasantly, despite its brief duration.

 During the procedure, Korina became pregnant, and soon after, she gave birth to their son Richard Benjamin Harrison. 

Although there are reports that the couple has reconciled, they haven’t officially addressed such rumors.

Tara Pasley and Corey have a history together. Additionally, there is a nameless blonde in his most recent Instagram photos.

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