Cory Maynard Obitaury

Cory Maynard Obitaury: This article revolves around a West Virginia State trooper’s obituary and funeral details alongside details on how was he shot. 

Recently on June 2, 2023, Sgt. Cory Maynard has been killed after Timothy Kennedy of Beech Creek, shot him fatally. The shooter was caught after an extensive search and has been taken into custody. 

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Cory was a state police officer who was fatally shot during Friday’s ******** in southern West Virginia. Following his *****, Gov. Jim Justice mentioned in a statement, mentioning that he was “completely heartbroken.” Jim alongside first lady Cathy Justice shared their sympathies for Maynard’s family. 

Justice stated, “The courageous law enforcement officers and other first responders who risk their lives every day to keep us safe are an example to us all.”

After the state police officer’s *****, people are now searching for Cory Maynard’s obituary and funeral details. Hence, stick with us until the very end to find out how the West Virginia State Trooper was shot to *****.

Cory Maynard Obituary

Sergeant Cory Maynard of the West Virginia Police was actively working in the communities in Kentucky. He was a hardworking guy who served selflessly for the betterment of the nation. Sadly, after his *****, people are searching for his obituary and funeral details.

However, Cory’s family members are yet to release his official obituary as they are searching for privacy and peace at this difficult moment. Funeral arrangements for him have also not been announced yet.

Nonetheless, many people are paying their tributes to him on social media handles. Maynard who graduated in 2003 from Belfry High School was a diligent and studious guy. His homeroom teacher, Sherrie Casey stated, “You know, I’ve always remembered Cory.

All of that was recalled. Nothing caught my eye. He was just always pleasant and you could always count on Cort to say ‘Hi’ to ya.”

Cory Maynard Obitaury
Cory Maynard’s obituary details haven’t been released by his family members yet. (Source:

Additionally, for Sherrie Casey, Maynard’s kindness was one thing that she still remembers.

“It was incredibly strange to see so many of your former kids pass away if you’re in this long enough. Really, I hadn’t seen Cory since approximately two weeks ago. As soon as I heard about this yesterday, I immediately remembered seeing him in Walmart, I believe.”

Additionally, Marion County’s first responders and beyond also lined up at Fairmont on 3rd June 2023, to pay their tributes to him.

Maynard, a West Virginia State Police recruit who originally hails from Belfry, Kentucky, was survived by his beloved spouse and their two children.

West Virginia State Trooper Cory Maynard Shot To *****

West Virginia State Police’s Sgt. Mr. Cory Maynard, 37, was brutally shot and killed on June 2nd in Mingo County as he was responding to a ******** call.

Maynard was taken from Charleston to Pittsburgh on Saturday as an organ donor, and the drive went by the Fairmont Gateway Bridge.
Furthermore, I-79 was lined with emergency cars, EMS personnel, and volunteers as the procession carrying Maynard’s body passed. Additionally, a flag was hung from two firetruck ladders across the Fairmont bridge.
Cory Maynard Obitaury
At the ******** scene in Mingo County, W.VA., emergency personnel work arrived. (Source: NBC News)

After a thorough search, the shooter, 29-year-old, Timothy Kennedy, of Beech Creek, was arrested on Friday night, according to a brief statement from the State Police.

There were no more reported injuries, and more information about the ******** was not immediately made public.


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