Cory Younger

Maplewood police officer Cory Younger is reported to arrest and charged with a child pornography mugshot. The news has gained huge media attention. 

Cory Younger, mostly known as the Maplewood Police Officer, was charged with child pornography. As per the sources, he was also suspended without pay Tuesday morning.

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The authority revealed by the  Maplewood Police Department presses that the police officer named Cory Younger has been arrested and will be undergoing further investigation. 

The officer has been arrested and suspended immediately without pay from the department. Similarly, the St. Louis County Police Department said further investigations into Younger have been carried out. 

Along with his professional career, Younger is gaining much backlash for his involvement in child pornography. The news has been rapidly growing online, so let’s know everything about it below!

Cory Younger Maplewood Police Officer Arrest And Charges

A Police Officer named Cory Younger from Maplewood has been arrested and charged with child pornography.

The charge was filed on Tuesday, and initially, the Police department didn’t reveal the name of the person, and later it was reported that Cory was the one who was charged with Child Pornography.

Cory Younger
Cory Younger is facing huge backlash on the internet. (Source: Twitter)

Following the news of his detention, everyone has been eager to know about the Police officer and has also asked multiple questions on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Maplewood Police Department also gave a press release, and the news came as a huge shock to everyone as Cory reportedly had more than 700 child pornography pictures on his cell phone cloud account.

Also, many online portals have made news about it and have also shared it on multiple social media platforms.

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Cory Younger Arrested For Child Pornography: His Mugshot

As mentioned earlier, Maplewood Police Officer Cory Younger was arrested on charges of Child pornography. Maplewood Police Chief Matt Niber revealed that Cory is charged with possessing child pornography. Also, Cory’s mugshot has already been released.

As per the sources, the charge is a class b felony, and Officer Younger is encountering one count of possessing child porn.

When the news was announced, many people criticized the Police Officer, while some also supported him, saying that the images may not be real.

A person on Twitter wrote, “I wonder if these men believe they’re stopping themselves from touching kids by abusing them indirectly with images. I think that’s what they must tell themselves.” Also, Cory’s mugshot has already been released.

Likewise, another Twitter user wrote, “I hate it when their attorneys use that defense. Who do they think is in those images? Real children.”

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Where Is Maplewood Police Officer Cory Younger Now?

Police Officer Cory Younger is behind bars at the facility in Clayton on a $100,000 cash bond. A press release was also made which detailed the case of Cory Younger.

Following his detention, Cory was suspended without pay, effective immediately. St. Louis County Police are conducting an investigation in this case, and more administrative actions remain pending.

Cory Younger
Cory Younger the Maplewood police officer, has been arrested on charges of Child pornography. (Source: KSDK)

It is also reported that Coryu’s agency is also cooperating with county police and the prosecuting attorney’s office to help them in the case, and they may give some updates soon.

At the time of this writing, no court dates were set. As said earlier, an investigation is going on; more details will get updated soon.

Not to mention, Cory is said to be the treasurer of the Maplewood Police Officer’s Association. 

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