Costa Titch Parents

People have been searching for Costa Titch Parents since his ***** news was released. The rapper died at the age of 27 on March 11, 2023. 

The famous rapper Costa Titch, also known as Costa Tsobanoglou, has passed away, leading to widespread mourning in South Africa.

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Titch collapsed on stage while performing at the Ultra South Africa festival in Johannesburg’s Expo Center.

Titch’s close friend confirmed the news before midnight. The reason behind his ***** has not been authorized; people have been mentioning a different reason, which is yet to establish. 

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Titch gained popularity through his unique style of blending traditional South African sounds with modern hip-hop beats, which will always be with us. 

People will remember him through his music and style. His fans have been sharing condolence and prayers for his family. 

Costa Titch Parents: Where Are They From?

Titch parent’s information has always been asked in public, but he was very private about his personal information. 

The rapper was influenced by his grandfather, who was also into music; he often mentioned that his grandfather played a significant role in his career path. 

Titch lived with his mother, who always pushed him through his music career. She was a proud mother and grateful for his son. 

The rapper never talked about his Father in public, which might mean that he did not get to share a close bond with his Father. 

A video of Costa Titch performing and collapsing on stage has been flooding over different social media site.
A video of Costa Titch performing and collapsing on stage has flooded social media sites. (Image Source: South Africa)

He stayed with his mother and continued his music career. His mother kept a low profile; often, people prefer to stay out of the eyes of the media. 

Titich parents were originally from Africa, and he was born in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, South Africa.

But, he moved to different countries during his childhood along with his mother, including Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Although he moved to a different country, he never stopped dreaming of performing in front of a crowd; he always continued to dream and work for his career as a rapper. 

Costa Titch Family Ethnicity

It is known that Titch was born in Nelspruit, which is located in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa.

He may have Greek ancestry, as his surname, Tsobanoglou, is of Greek origin. Also, he identified as a South African rapper. 

He has not publicly discussed his ethnicity, but it is clear that he is of a White race and belongs to South Africa. 

So, as the rapper has not discussed his ethnicity in public, we cannot confirm whether he belonged to Greek ancestry. 

Meet Costa Titch Brother 

Titch had never mentioned his siblings, so we cannot confirm whether he had a brother.

But he often mentioned his friends as brothers, and he shared a picture along with one of his friends with a caption, “Happy Birthday, Brother.”

Costa Titch shared a picture with caption, Happy Birthday Brother on one of his rapper friend.
Costa Titch shared a picture with the caption, Happy Birthday Brother, on one of his rapper friends. (Image Source:Facebook)

Costa Titch had a strong bond with his friends, and he frequently featured them in his social media posts and videos on platforms such as YouTube.

He enjoyed spending time with his friends and often included them in his creative projects, showing a willingness to collaborate and share his success with those close to him.

To my knowledge, Titch did not have any siblings. While he may have had cousins or other relatives, there is no public information to suggest that he had a brother or any siblings.

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