Courtney Clenney Murder

Courtney Tailor, who also goes by Courtney Clenney, faces a second-degree murder charge on April 3, 2022, for the slaying of Obumseli.

People know Courtney as a social media influencer with 2 million followers on Instagram, who is also an Onlyfans model. 

She has appeared in television series and commercials and was involved in many modeling agencies before going to jail. 

Some people know her now as the murderer of her boyfriend, the news of her killing her boyfriend came out in April 2022. 

Courtney’s fans and followers started passing negative comments on her Instagram after the news was released.

Onlyfans Model Courtney Clenney Murdered Her Boyfriend

Yes, the model Courtney Clenney stabbed her boyfriend, Obumseli, in the chest on April 3 during a fight in their apartment in Hawaii.

The investigation took longer than people thought, and although the news came out in April, the research continued for more months.

After the investigation, much footage of them fighting came out in public; as per the source, she used to bully her boyfriend.

Florida judge won’t restrict release of evidence in case of OnlyFans model accused of murder.
Florida judge won’t restrict release of evidence in case of OnlyFans model accused of murder. (Image Source: Tampa Bay Times)

She called Police herself and said she stabbed her boyfriend in self-defense; she was in the blood when Police came to their apartment.

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The couple were living together in a Miami apartment and confirmed that they used to fight and use to make loud noise neighbor confirmed.

She often used her hand to her husband during the fight; she looked like she was never happy with him. 

Their friends also confirmed that they were never on good terms; his boyfriend always tried to handle the situation.

Arrest And Charges of OnlyFans Model Courtney Clenney

Although she murdered her boyfriend in their apartments in April, her arrest took a long time. She was arrested almost after a month after the incident.

Clenney claimed that her boyfriend, Obumseli was an abusive partner, and she was acting out of self-defense. There were no charges filed at the time. 

But after investigating for a long time, she was arrested for facing a second-degree murder charge for allegedly killing Christian Obumseli.

But after the investigation, they found out that she took rehabilitation for substance abuse and has post-traumatic stress disorder.

Also, short clips of them fighting came out, on the video, it was seen clearly that she used to be violent with her boyfriend. She is currently in Florida, has been taking therapy, and is in charge of murder. 

Video of Courtney Clenney and her boyfriend during a fight in elevator.
Video of Courtney Clenney and her boyfriend during a fight in elevator. (Image Source: Marca)

But during the investigation, her family supported her and claimed that her boyfriend was aggressive with her. 

But they were not true; she aggressively murdered her boyfriend, pleaded guilty, and was charged with murder. 

Her mother claimed that she heard her boyfriend yelling at her and saying to leave the apartment; they were talking loudly. 

So, the information is clear that she murdered her boyfriend because she was at a rehab facility in Hawaii for a long time. 

Many things were happening between the couple, although the investigation confirmed that it was not self-defense.

Clenney will probably be in jail for a lifetime; it is a murder case. So, people will have lifetime jail punishment for a murder case.

The case is still trending as it is shocking for ordinary people to hear that a model murdered her boyfriend. 

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