Cristina Nuñez Texas

Cristina Nuñez Texas Illness news is all over the internet sources, and if you want to know more about her pregnancy scandal, read this complete article.

Cristina Nuñez is a woman whose name has been making rounds online for the past few days. She is from the United States of America her name came into the limelight after a case related to abortion.

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It has been reported that Nunez is now suing her home state of Texas, noting that the abortion laws in the state slowed her care and endangered her life.

According to an online report, Cristina’s doctors had always advised her not to get pregnant. It is because of Cristina’s illness.

With that news, many people on the internet sources have asked multiple questions related to Nunez’s illness. So, everything has been mentioned in this writing.

Cristina Nuñez Texas Illness And Health Issue

Cristina Nunez illness and health issue has dragged everyone’s eyes. It has been noted that Nunez has some health issues, and doctors also advised her not to get pregnant.

Reportedly, Nunez has diabetes, end-stage renal disease and other health problems. Due to that, her doctors had advised her not to get pregnant.

Not to mention end-stage renal disease is the last stage of long-term (chronic) kidney disease. This is when one’s kidneys can no longer support your body’s requirements. 

Cristina Nuñez Texas Illness
Cristina Nuñez has diabetes, end-stage renal disease and other health problems. ( Source: NPR )

Despite the doctor’s advice, Nunez unexpectedly got pregnant, which made her extremely sick. She learned that she was pregnant in March 2023, and later, her health quickly worsened.

Not only that, but she had to increase the amount of time she spent in dialysis and also suffered from painful blood clots. 

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Everything On Cristina Nuñez Abortion And Pregnant Scandal

Cristina Nunez is currently in the media prominence due to her pregnancy and abortion scandal. As said earlier, she had some health issues and was advised not to get pregnant.

Despite that, she unexpectedly got pregnant, and she learned about it in March 2023. Following that, her health worsened. Not only that, but her health continued to worsen as the weeks went on and her pregnancy moved. 

Cristina told an OB-GYN that she wanted an abortion but was told that was not possible in Texas. Nunez sought a drug abortion at a New Mexico clinic but was declined due to her health conditions.

Cristina Nuñez Abortion
Cristina Nuñez got an abortion 11 days after going to the E.R. ( Source: NPR )

In June, when one of Nunez’s arms turned black from blood clots, she went to a Texas emergency room. Nunez faced critical health issues like deep vein thrombosis, eclampsia, and an embolism.

Despite her urgent need, the hospital refused to perform an abortion. Additionally, Nunez got the abortion she needed 11 days after going to the E.R., thanks to a pro-bono attorney who intervened and contacted the hospital for her.

Cristina Nuñez Abortion Lawsuit Update

As said earlier, Cristina Nunez sued her home state of Texas, noting that the abortion laws in the state slowed her care and endangered her life.

She and six other women joined an ongoing lawsuit over Texas’s abortion laws. The case was initially filed in March 2023 with five patient plaintiffs, but more and more patients have entered the suit.

A total of 20 patients are now involved in this case. In a July hearing, Texas Attorney General’s office lawyers claimed women hadn’t suffered due to state laws, placing responsibility for alleged harms on their doctors.

Furthermore, the Texas Supreme Court will review a request by the Center for a temporary injunction to broaden abortion access in various medical scenarios. 

It has been noted that the next hearing is scheduled for November 28, 2023, and further updates will be shared later. 

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