Cyril Nri Gay

Cyril Nri has been open about his sexuality, proudly identifying as a gay man.

Cyril Nri is a British-Nigerian Actor, writer, and director who has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. 

He has played various roles in film, television, and theatre and has become one of the most respected actors in the industry. Over the years, fans have wondered about his personal life, including his sexuality and relationship status. 

He has been candid about his difficulties as a black gay man in the industry and his journey toward accepting and celebrating his identity. 

Explore these topics and get some insights into the private life of Cyril Nri in this article.

Yes, Cyril Nri Is Gay And Married

Cyril Nri is openly gay and has been in a long-term relationship with his partner.

In recent years, Cyril has been single and focusing on his career. (Source:

He believes everyone should be allowed to love who they want, regardless of their sexual orientation. Nri’s decision to come out as gay was not easy, and it took him some time to find the courage to do so. 

In an interview with The Guardian, Nri revealed that he struggled with his sexuality for many years, and it wasn’t until he moved to London that he felt comfortable enough to come out.

He said he was inspired by the gay community in London, which was very accepting and supportive. Cyril’s openness and honesty about his sexuality and personal life have been admirable, especially in the entertainment industry. 

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His bravery in speaking out about these issues has inspired many and helped to bring greater visibility and acceptance to the LGBTQ+ community.

Meet Cyril Nri Partner: How Many Kids Does He Have?

It is known that Cyril has two grown-up children, but the identity of his partner is unknown. 

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Emma Coleman (@totoffle) expressed her support for Cyril Nri, stating that she had just learned that he identified as gay and commending him for it. (Source: Twitter)

Nri was previously in a long-term relationship with Diana for 14 years before they separated in 1997. The two had two children together, and Cyril has always been upfront with his children about his sexuality and relationships.

Despite being private about his current partner’s identity, Cyril has not avoided discussing his previous relationships and family life. 

He has spoken about the challenges of maintaining a long-term relationship and the difficulties of raising children as a gay man. 

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Nevertheless, Cyril has always been committed to being a loving and supportive Father, and his children remain an important part of his life.

Cyril Nri Career Details Explored

Cyril Nri is a well-known Actor who has played notable roles in various TV series and theatre productions. 

He gained popularity for portraying Superintendent Adam Okaro, later chief superintendent, in The Bill, a long-running ITV Police Drama series. 

He also played the character of Graham, a barrister colleague of Miles and Anna, in both series of the cult BBC TV Drama series This Life. 

Cyril began acting after graduating from the Bristol Old Vic Drama School and joining The Royal Shakespeare Company. 

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He played significant roles in several theatre productions, including Lucius in Ron Daniel’s 1982 production of Julius Caesar and Ariel in Jonathan Miller’s 1988 production of The Tempest. 

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