Daejhanae Jackson Arrested

Numerous media outlets have made mention of the person suspected in Shanquella Robinso’s death; Daejhanae Jackson is said to be arrested. As she was involved in harassing her before the end, investigators had an eye on her from the beginning.

Likewise, it has been several days since Robinson’s death, and many of her well-wishers seek justice for her demise. With this, the investigation authorities have taken steps to determine the depth.

On the other hand, social media users have made numerous conclusions about the case relating to different sources. They are waiting for the Police’s determination and the real culprit to gain harsh punishment as soon as possible.

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Daejhanae Jackson Arrested In Connection To Shanquella Robinson Death

Many sources, including KEMPIRE, have mentioned that a suspected person has been arrested concerning Shanquella Robinson’s death. Even though the officials did not clarify a person’s identity, it was supposed that it was Daejhanae Jackson.

Arrest Warrant Issued for Daejhanae Jackson in Shanquella Robinson's Death & Extradition to Mexico
Arrest Warrant Issued for Daejhanae Jackson in Shanquella Robinson’s Death & Extradition to Mexico [Source- Youtube]
As she has been related since the harassment and was investigated in the case since the beginning, her name is in the highlight for doing the heinous crime.

According to a local prosecutor, the court order and an arrest warrant for the alleged killer, a friend of the victim, and the immediate attacker, for the criminality of femicide was a natural act of violence.

Moreover, the report of her death’s autopsy showed that her death occurred due to a severe injury to his spinal cord and a broken neck. As Daejhanae was seen in the video aggressively beating her, she was the main focus of this case.

How Did Shanquella Robinson Die? Know About The Viral Video

Shanquella Robinson was on vacation with her friend group on holiday to Mexico. However, the group of friends she traveled with, along with Daejhanae Jackson, is supposed to have a big hand in her death.

Similarly, she was found dead on October 28, 2022, when the body was located after twenty-four hours. It came into acknowledgment after the viral video where Daejhanae Jackson beat up Robinson, and her friends were heard cheering.

When the video went viral, social media flooded with comments, and the authority took a significant step. Since then, the victim’s parents have asked for justice throughout the media.

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Shanquella Robinson Parents Media Coverage Update

Shanquella Robinson’s parents have been mourning their beloved family member’s death and have been asking for a proper investigation from the authorities since then.

Recently, her mother, Salamondra Robinson, was interviewed by ABC News, and she expressed many emotions in the case. First, she said happiness that her daughter would finally get justice.

Furthermore, she claimed, “I don’t understand what to say. I’m so delighted; that’s a great feeling. We have been waiting for someone to be arrested and held responsible finally. I can’t wait for the good thing to happen.”

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