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Damien Perquis accident update is people’s concern, and if you want to know more about his current condition, read this article till the end.

Damien Perquis is a French former professional footballer who mainly played as a central defender. Throughout his career, Perquis has played for several clubs in France and abroad, including Troyes AC, Saint-Étienne, Sochaux, and Real Betis.

Furthermore, he also had a brief stint in Major League Soccer (MLS) with Toronto FC in 2015. Over the years, Perquis participated in various domestic and international competitions. 

Perquis retired from football on June 15, 2020, as announced on his social media. Following his retirement, he took on the role of assistant coach for Gazélec Ajaccio’s reserve team.

All About Damien Perquis Accident Update

Damien Perquis accident news is all over the internet sources, and people want to know more about this matter. As of now, the former professional footballer is doing well in his life, and there are no issues.

In 2013, Damien broke his jaw after a violent collision in a football match. He played a game against Malaga. In the second half of the game, Perquis and Malaga striker Fabrice Olinga collided heads.

Damien Perquis Accident
Damien Perquis broke his jaw after he collided with Malaga striker Fabrice Olinga in a 2013 football match. ( Source: Sportsnet )

Perquis fell unconscious on the field and was later transported to a nearby hospital by ambulance. At that time, Damien was part of the Real Betis team.

Betis announced that the Polish center back suffered a double jaw fracture but remained conscious. Perquis was scheduled to be transferred to a hospital in Seville for a specialist evaluation.

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Damien Perquis Injury Details Explored

Damien Perquis was heavily injured in 2013 after getting collided with Malaga striker Fabrice Olinga. As said earlier, Perquis and Malaga striker Fabrice Olinga collided heads.

Due to that, Perquis broke his jaw. Later, it was reported that Damien underwent surgery on the double fracture of the jaw at the Fremap Clinic by maxillofacial surgeon Fernando Manso. 

Damien Perquis Injury
Damien Perquis underwent surgery following his horrific injury in a football game. ( Source: Nottingham Forest )

According to a report, Perquis also suffered a head injury in a fortuitous collision with striker Fabrice Olinga. Due to that, he had lost consciousness and was taken immediately to the Carlos Haya Hospital in Málaga.

After the surgery, the surgeon, Fernando, also talked about Damien’s condition and gave everything related to his injury and recovery time.

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Damien Perquis Health Update [currrent-year]

As of 2023, there are no issues with Damien Perquis health. He serves as assistant coach of Gazélec Ajaccio’s B-team, and it can be said that he is doing pretty well.

Furthermore, Damien is busy with his professional life, and he can be followed on Instagram, where he is verified as @damien.perquis24.

From his Instagram handle, Damien shares details related to his ongoing lifestyle and events. As said earlier, he was injured heavily in the past in one of his football games.

Damien Perquis Health
Damien Perquis health is in perfect condition, and there are no issues with it. ( Source: L’Equipe )

Due to that, people may have asked questions about Damien’s current health update. Not to mention, his surgeon had given details about his recovery time.

Apart from that, Perquis has come a long way and in an interview, he has also talked about his experience. Now, Damien is doing well in both his personal and professional life. 

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