Dana Bostic The New Breeds

Dana Bostic net worth is reported to be pretty impressive. If you want to know more about the Gang leader’s earnings, read this whole article.

Dana Bostic is a New Breeds street gang leader from Aurora. He led a group within the New Breeds, dealing heroin in a 12-block vicinity around Pulaski Road and Van Buren Street.

Reportedly, he was also involved in an organization that used violence from time to time to accomplish whatever goals it thought were appropriate.

In 2010, he was arrested, and at that time, he admitted to being the leader of a heroin trafficking organization when he pleaded guilty in February of the same year.

Furthermore, people have been asking many questions related to Bostic’s life, mainly his career earnings. So, collecting the facts, the details have been covered in today’s writing.

Dana Bostic Net Worth In 2023

Dana Bostic has a decent net worth as of 2023. However, the facts regarding his actual amount can’t be shared as the media outlets have not given any info openly.

Bostic is reported to be a gang leader, and he must have earned it from doing various illegal works. He is the leader of the New Breeds street gang.

Dana Bostic Net Worth
Dana Bostic has earned a good amount of money from being the leader of the New Breeds street gang. ( Source: YouTube )

His west-side gang’s drug operation, connected to Mexican cartels, employed many locals, served thousands, and used violence to survive.

For years, the New Breeds were in the middle of fights over gang alliances and drug turf changes. In the 1980s, the gang started when some Black Gangsters left their leaders. But in no time, this new group became bigger, and within a decade, they absorbed the BGs.

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Dana Bostic Career Earnings Explored

Dana Bostic career earnings have been searched by many people, but there are no details related to this matter. At the time of this post, there are no facts about his earnings.

Being the leader of the New Breeds street gang, he may have taken home an impressive amount of cash. However, no info about his income is accessible in the media.

Dana Bostic Career Earnings
Dana Bostic is the leader of the New Breeds street gang which was started in the 1980s. ( Source: Chicago Gang History )

In the 1990s, the New Breeds were known for using violence to defend their drug turf, especially in fierce clashes with Vice Lords on the west side.

In 1996, 102 murders occurred in the 11th police district, covering West Humboldt Park, East Garfield Park, and West Garfield Park, making up more than 1 in 8 of the city’s total homicides.

Details About The Gang Leader Dana Bostic

Dana Bostic grew up in the middle of the west side’s toxic drug landscape. Bostic was three years old when his father was sent to prison.

When Bostic was eight, child welfare workers granted custody to his grandmother, but her one-bedroom apartment couldn’t handle the 12 people.

Furthermore, she passed away within a year. Bostic remembered surviving on just half a loaf of bread daily. Meanwhile, Dana began selling marijuana at 12. 

Gang Leader Dana Bostic
Gang Leader Dana Bostic is serving his time in prison as he was sentenced to prison for 38 years. ( Source: Chicago Gang History )

A year later, Bostic got a low-level job in the heroin trade, earning around $8 an hour to warn street dealers about police presence.

Later, he began working actively and even became the leader of the New Breeds street gang. He is now serving his time in prison as he was sentenced to prison for 38 years. 

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